Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Say Hi to Jock Itch, Leadership Principles, Urinary Incompetence

Shazam, Trump's done? Once I would have typed, I type, could one of hoped benefits of shitlords going all in on Cracker Uber Alles been if it works, great, if it doesn't, BETTER! Kills Trump?

Saw a Fox News graphic (it's one of the links below) of the thirteen potential candidates for the 2024 presidential nomination hours before Trump's expected announcement he's running and Donald Trump was not one of them (and Fox News just recently tweeted out that megadonors want Christ DeSantis over "three-time loser Trump" and even used the darken the photo trick on Thump)

Kayfabe reinstated! Saying the quiet part out loud banned! A return to normal rat-fucking imposed! For now! 

For now. Below, sixteen examples of cracker whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers in support of Trump, but first, here's my hot take (and latest jeffhexhead):

Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
The War Party is the winner of midterms
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
Cruelty of empiresTrump is still demon king?
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
No such thing as billionaire philanthropy
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
A note on why he won't use trigger warnings
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
High imperial aesthetics in mid-century America
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
What does he hope from pragmatism?
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
Another reason to stop eating meat
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
How to Crush a Movement for Social Justice
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
"There are two kinds of old men: those who complain about their medical problems and those who complain about old men who complain about their medical problems."
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
Port Covington, Baltimore, gets Borth Nethesda-ed
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
Into the glorious future of blogging made possible by Elon Mush
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
Nation and ghost of nation passing in a soft chorale
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
5 G.C. Waldrep poemsThis motherfucker
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
New Maryland state park!Jovial misperceptions
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
Johannes Göransson interviewX1Lascaux notebooks
Cracker-whisperers adamant it wasn't them whispering to crackers
Good news!Window viewBasque mysteries
Been listening to Low lots, Mimi's death hurts


John Ashbery

O awaken with me
the inquiring goodbyes.
Ooh what a messy business
a tangle and a muddle
(and made it seem quite interesting).

He ticks them off:
leisure top,
a different ride home,
whispering, in a way,
whispered whiskers,
so many of the things you have to share.

But I was getting on,
and that’s what you don’t need.
I’m certainly sorry about scaring your king,
if indeed that’s what happened to him.
You get Peanuts and War and Peace,
some in rags, some in jags, some in
velvet gown. They want
the other side of the printing plant.

There were concerns.
Say hi to jock itch, leadership principles,
urinary incompetence.
Take that, perfect pitch.
And say a word for the president,
for the scholar magazines, papers, a streaming.
Then you are interested in poetry.


  1. 1/what one sees on tv

    missus charley and i have begun watching a netflix series 1899, said to be a German multi-lingual epic period mystery-horror streaming television series created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. It premiered on Netflix on 17 November, 2022.

    we are making it easier on ourselves by choosing the all-english rather than the multilingual sound track

    it is set on a steamship crossing the atlantic in the title year, and charmingly begins with a recital of emily dickinson's “The Brain—is wider than the Sky—”

    2/what one reads in the washington post

    in a review of a recent biography of j. edgar hoover i encountered a somewhat surprising passage about the fbi's surveillance of a very well known civil rights leader - long ago i had heard - and believed - that they had eavesdropping evidence of his marital infidelity, but the following excerpt is more vivid than i expected:

    On Jan. 6, 1964, FBI agents installed a wiretap in a room ... at Washington’s Willard Hotel... Gage does not have the tapes; those are under court-ordered seal until 2027. But she quotes from a written summary of the recordings, first obtained by the historian David Garrow. A sex orgy is described, involving [the civil rights leader] and a dozen other people. A Baptist minister is reportedly heard raping a woman.

    1. 1/after seeing episode 2 of netflix's 1899 spouse and self have decided not to watch any more of it

      2/the book mentioned and quoted from in point 2 of the previous comment is G-Man: J. Edgar Hoover and the Making of the American Century by Beverly Gage

      2.2/a previous book by the same author is The Day Wall Street Exploded: A Story of America in Its First Age of Terror:

      Just after noon on September 16, 1920, as hundreds of workers poured onto Wall Street for their lunchtime break, a horse-drawn cart packed with dynamite exploded in a spray of metal and fire, turning the busiest corner of the financial center into a war zone. Thirty-nine people died and hundreds more lay wounded, making the Wall Street explosion the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history until the Oklahoma City bombing.

      In The Day Wall Street Exploded, Beverly Gage tells the story of that once infamous but now largely forgotten event. Based on thousands of pages of Bureau of Investigation reports, this historical detective saga traces the four-year hunt for the perpetrators, a worldwide effort that spread as far as Italy and the new Soviet nation. It also gives readers the decades-long but little-known history of homegrown terrorism that helped to shape American society a century ago. The book delves into the lives of victims, suspects, and investigators: world banking power J.P. Morgan, Jr.; labor radical "Big Bill" Haywood; anarchist firebrands Emma Goldman and Luigi Galleani; "America's Sherlock Holmes," William J. Burns; even a young J. Edgar Hoover. It grapples as well with some of the most controversial events of its day, including the rise of the Bureau of Investigation, the federal campaign against immigrant "terrorists," the grassroots effort to define and protect civil liberties, and the establishment of anti-communism as the sine qua non of American politics.

  2. 1/project syndicate interviewed economist nouriel roubini

    PS: You famously predicted the 2008 global financial crisis, earning you the moniker Dr. Doom. In MegaThreats, you make what is arguably an even bleaker prediction: that a “dystopian” future of “chaos, crises, instability, and domestic and global conflict” is more likely than a “utopian” one of sound policymaking and international cooperation. Are economists, investors, and policymakers more willing to take such warnings seriously nowadays, or do you get the sense that those with the power to make a difference still have their heads buried in the sand?

    NR: We need to distinguish between normative statements, about how the world should ideally or desirably be, and positive statements, about how the world is likely to be. Unfortunately, I don’t see any reason to think that we have moved meaningfully beyond our preferred strategy of kicking the can down the road – not least because of the sheer number of barriers to implementing the right policies.

    Consider global warming. Half of the US – the Republican Party – denies the reality of human-induced climate change and actively blocks policies intended to address it when in power. There is also an inter-generational conflict: older generations are unwilling to bear the costs of action to prevent a future they will never see, while younger generations are smaller and often don’t even vote.

    At the international level, we have a free-rider problem: even if a country makes all the sacrifices needed to achieve net-zero emissions, it will benefit only if the rest of the world does the same. And the advanced economies, which created most of the stock of atmospheric greenhouse gases, are unwilling to fork over the trillions of dollars in subsidies that developing economies need to achieve net-zero emissions and adapt to a warmer climate. Meanwhile, the emerging economies that produce most of the flow of new emissions today – such as China and India – may resist cutting their emissions until they are richer, perhaps in another decade or two. Finally, the geopolitical rivalry between the US and China is severely hampering efforts to advance global public goods.

    The same is true for the solutions to many other megathreats. That is why the dystopian future is more likely than the utopian one.

    2/with respect to urinary incompetence - it can help to go to a bit more trouble to empty one's bladder when using the facilities - while the following is written for persons who identify with the xx genotype, i have seen somewhat similar instructions for persons who are differently gendered