Monday, November 7, 2022

The World Is Full of Prayers Arrived at From Afterwards

Rest in Peace, Mimi Parker
One last Rest in Peace, Mike Davis
Think about this headline and sub-head (and after that, consider why three days before a midterm the private became public)
"We should have walked out on the Democratic Party and mounted a serious opposition movement while we still had a chance"
Republicans will not concede a single defeat on Wednesday (my bet is all will claim victory Tuesday night regardless of results), will claim voter fraud for every defeat, shitlord media will report this matter-of-factly as a both-sides issue
Across the river and into the trees
The midterm elections don't matter
Destroying Western values to defend Western values
The gods of chaos and stupidity
Maryland's woods and meadows have toggled to Winter

Raising a family in southwest Pennsylvania
Twatter massacreTwatter comedy
90% of all US coal plants poisoning you
Unions versus motherfucking Democrats
Maggie's weeklyFRESH HELL
North American migratory birds are shrinking
Half a dozen links on blogrolls moved to Moribund mortuaries, I don't think any of yinz who read this blog were moved but if yes, you weren't deleted. Four or five new additions to the blogrolls, thanks for the recommendations, as always, if you think I'll like something please let me know.
I have *NOT* joined Mastodon (here's an article about and interview with Mastodon's owner)
First Professor Dum Dum show in two yearsNew Horse Lords
Északról hegy, Délről tó, Nyugatról utak, Keletről folyó
Peter Sellers' Michael Caine impersonation
{ feuilleton }'s weekly2022 November 7
When I heard that Mimi Parker died I went to where I thought they'd be and there they were, my LOW CDs, then realized I don't own a CD player at this moment in time (the one in the house broke, neither of our cars has a CD player, I don't have an external drive to plug into the chromebook, fuck is wrong with me, laugh), it's all there on bandcamp, should I do it by favorite (and if favorite bottom to top or top to bottom) or chronologically? (the leader in the clubhouse cause that requires only one decision)


David Baker

A short ride in the van, then the eight of us   
there in the heat—white shirtsleeves sticking,   
the women’s gloves off—fanning our faces.   
   The workers had set up a big blue tent   
       to help us at graveside tolerate the sun,   
    which was brutal all afternoon as if   
stationed above us, though it moved limb   
   to limb through two huge, covering elms.   

      The long processional of neighbors, friends,   
   the town’s elderly, her beauty-shop patrons,   
her club’s notables. . . The world is full of   
   prayers arrived at from afterwards, he said.   

      Look up through the trees—the hands, the leaves   
curled as in self-control or quietly hurting,   
or now open, flat-palmed, many-fine-veined,   
    and whether from heat or sadness, waving.

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