Thursday, November 10, 2022

Nothing into Nothing No Choice in the Matter

I have a mastodon Friends advised to go stake the brand name before someone else does and I thought What? but, hoping for the slightest reason to do it when I knew I would eventually do it and lordy can I please stop thinking about doing it, I did it. No plans but see what happens and I plan to stay out of the way of political duh if and when I'm there if it turns out there's a place I visit, posted this there

my latest, most favorite jeffgoat yet, first and last of the self-portraits I assured all three of my followers at mastodon will ever be posted on my mastodon (though it's now the mastodon account's avatar). I'd like to build an alternative personal network with those of you I've networked with here and at twaater for the day that regardless of reason or who's to blame that network is disappeared: I *like* some of yinz, especially those of you who live within twenty miles of me and agree with me it's wise we never meet in person, laugh. If/when you obtain you twaater bomb shelter please let me know so I add you to the back-up secret contact list

I did not see this swerve. I read the biggest difference this cycle the 3-1 Democrat over GOP vote of 30 year olds and younger, some credit the student loan debt relief, I'm inclined to credit the kids' crazy cracker uncles and their megacracker sons for choosing not to live in a world ruled by either
Canary, weathervane, Cassandra, fool, me
Reminder: two weeks from today Thanksgiving, your crazy cracker uncles and megacracker cousins going to be there and angrier and more determined to be crackers than ever before, they have a new Savior to replace false god Thump
I did and still am cwcfing Emperor DeSantis but I never predicted his elevation to crackerchrister Savior would start *this* Tuesday past
I've underestimated Trump before but that thump your heard Tuesday was Trump shoved out the door of cracker inevitability's monster pick-up
Disaster politics works on the same principle and just as well as disaster capitalism
Murdering billions of people to keep capitalism going
Regardless of result, in the official American narrative progressives MUST be the losers
No museums on America's own genocide
We mean nothing to the company
You only thought redamerica freaking the fuck out yesterday
The American Jewish war over Zionism can begin
Berlant: The Inconvenience of Other People
Unearthing Native American history on a southern Maryland island
Another smart review of the new Everett
ytš ḥṭ ḏ lqml śʿ[r w]zqtOn the new Cormac McCarthy
Between abstraction and representation
Unbeaten pathsI still need the carnivalesque
Mimi Parker remembered(here's more)
Mary Wing played LOTS of LOW yesterday


Tom Raworth

into nothing
no choice in the matter

tired of reflections
bored with light

impatient with time
uninterested in thought

no desires
without hunger

nothing to write
mind sleepy jelly

too tired to phone
staring at the timetable

deciding to keep moving
under a microdot moon

hand through green balloon
cigarette end white in red light

no dreams
no you to care to listen

the abstract you, the elastic hat
no head to fit

under sufficient space
precise       military       empty

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  1. in the republican tsunami that wasn't, senator chuck grassley was re-elected - he was born before the invention of the chocolate chip/'toll house' cookie, i saw on twitter - there's a "tried and true toll house recipes" cookbook still in print - a reprint of the 1948 edition - and i am tempted to buy a copy - in the 1950s i ate many meals prepared by my grandmother in a town about an hour's drive from the 'toll house' in whitman, ma