Friday, November 25, 2022

We Are Not Speaking Now, We Were Never Speaking

The End of American Thanksgiving: a Cause of Universal Rejoicing
"We were marked for extinction but we are still here"
Creating new rules on how they can hurt us
I'll tell you what's changed: crackers and christers have openly, boastingly, toggled to blaming the victims for what crackers and christers do to them, We warned you what will happen and you kept doing it anyway
Crackers are creepy as fuck (though the play here is to emasculate Fetterman, who they clearly see as a threat to their staked-out claim of Alphacracker, by tarring Fetterman as pussy-whipped)
My brother Elric bought a new bigass pickup truck which he explained was actually the smallest model he could find, when he pulled into the driveway of the family home yesterday my mind leaped to bigass pickup trucks in Michigan and needed to remind myself owning a pickup truck does not make the owner necessarily a cracker. I vouch that Elric is not a cracker.
Here's an oped by a Washington Post Senior Villager instructing you on the difference between being flogged by an ideologue versus whipped by a politician a matter of etiquette and tradition, authoritarianism is fine but totalitarianism is gauche. Crackers are fine, Trump is gauche. Either/Or: Washington Post Senior Villager *doesn't* know what's coming or knows what's coming and just doesn't want it to be gauche. Death to the Either/Or of course, politely
Cracker. Christer. I've been advised for years if I just euphemized those terms more more people would check back after looking once then, seeing Cracker this or Christer that, never return. Motherfucking in general too, motherfucking Obama once upon a time, early on, before most of yinz had your obamapostasy, and Motherfucking Democrats probably doesn't help either. I suspect in the already started Twitter Christer Cracker Revenge Tour 2022 I'm safe tapping motherfucking Obama and Democrats, will some twitter engineer write an algorithm searching *cracker* gain me a ban and/or cracker bots and trolls and troll bots. O, and mastodon still sucks, massively
Club Q massacre exposed police and queerphobes for who they really are
REMINDER: 2nd amendment doesn't apply to fags (update, the account suspended, tweet disappeared)
The clash of "civilizational states"
On twitter: a threadA class analysis of the twaater crisis
dril in the Washington Post talking about twaater?
Berlant: the inconvenience of other people
REMINDER: don't helmetball, beloved dipshits
San Francisco police to consider letting robots use deadly force
Why twitter has been marvelousLIGHTDevil's Theatre
The incredible shrinking future of college
Life in the Fap Lane: on John Barth
On New Directions new storybook editions
Bob Weir played the Kennedy Center this past October?
Maps and local history if you dig like me
More proof most humans are idiots


Bernadette Mayer

Art has lapsed we know since nothing's
happening but the poet's free dream
in the rich hands of exhaustion of who
to invite the lover or the lover?

This is not to speak
This is not said to speak
We are not speaking now, we were
never speaking

For what succeeds is silly maybe
For what succeeds is maybe silly
There might be nostalgia, emotion
There might be stuff unknown as death
Let something something something
Please, let something something something

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  1. "Samuel Huntington... [said] 'Osama bin Laden has given the West back its identity' ... The assertion of incommensurate values by others entails reaffirmation of one’s own."

    The 'identity' America asserted was the worst of what our society and culture had to offer - violence and Imperial overreach. America, however, saw that as expressions of Our Best. Bin Laden and his cohorts were doing the same -- offering violence and murder -- and claiming as the West did that all was permitted because their cause was religious and pure.

    In circumstances where nation-states face off against each other, the confrontation seems to be set up in advance for both parties to reflect back the worst of themselves -- and then reflexively each observes, "You say that like it's a bad thing". No one looks at their position from a neutral viewpoint. No one asks whether from an uninvolved perspective that they're right.