Friday, December 9, 2022

Today Is an Anthem the Cuckoos Are Crowing

NEW! This shitty blog's new Theme Song 12, or is it 13? (update, 14?) below, couldn't post it again at top two posts in a row, gun pointed at my head could I name the other songs much less in the correct order? The fuck: No. The State of Jeff is above.

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Unavoidable crashCracker-whisperer
The Long American Counter-Revolution
Text from his friend"I see our time as the age of the apocalypse, not in a Christian sense, but apocalypse understood as revelation: everything is being revealed in these times, stripped naked so the ugly sides are really allowed to shine. I see this as an absolute necessity – The Great Undressing – for us to progress at all in our development as humanity. That’s why I’m not depressed about the ‘current situation’. Actually, it’s a positive thing, since all births are hard, I suppose not least ‘world births’. This age of the apocalypse is the time when things are revealed anew. The earth trembles, we tremble, especially the sensitive, seismographically oriented thinking person, but unfortunately not most people."
*I am not a bot* is exactly what a bot would say
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Perfect example why I keep a purgatorial mortuary blogroll
As someone who works at this joint I can vouch vouch vouch that NOBODY gives a flyingf*ck about the basketball team. Nobody. The soccer team draws better
Sick ProletariatExcellent set of Hamish songs, goddamn I love The CleanWAWA
L bought McCarthy's *Passenger,* it's on a shelf if I wanted to read it
2022 December 9I don't want to read it
Scott played a LOT of Hamish yesterday, goddamn I love The Clean
Seven contemporary poets (none of whom I've read, fuck me) on revision, something I utterly despise doing and one of the multiple reasons I rather paint now than write
42 years ago last night I was tripping my brains out w Audrey H and listening to WGTB when the DJ broke the news about John


Campbell McGrath

Today is a trumpet to set the hounds baying.
The past is a fox the hunters are flaying.
Nothing unspoken goes without saying.
Love’s a casino where lovers risk playing.
The future’s a marker our hearts are prepaying.

The future’s a promise there’s no guaranteeing.
Today is a fire the field mice are fleeing.
Love is a marriage of feeling and being.
The past is a mirror for wishful sightseeing.
Nothing goes missing without absenteeing.

Nothing gets cloven except by dividing.
The future is chosen by atoms colliding.
The past’s an elision forever eliding.
Today is a fog bank in which I am hiding.
Love is a burn forever debriding.

Love’s an ascent forever plateauing.
Nothing is granted except by bestowing.
Today is an anthem the cuckoos are crowing.
The future’s a convolute river onflowing.
The past is a lawn the neighbor is mowing.

The past is an answer not worth pursuing,
Nothing gets done except by the doing.
The future’s a climax forever ensuing.
Love is only won by wooing.
Today is a truce between reaping and rueing.


  1. That you weren't watching Second-Worst-Night-of-the-Week Helmetball proves the terrorists win.

  2. this morning i listened to lennon's "watching the wheels" and then read ezra klein's opinion essay "the great delusion behind twitter" and was struck by the parallels - the call for less hustle and bustle, and more quiet attention

    klein says

    The cost of so much connection and information has been the deterioration of our capacity for attention and reflection. And it is the quality of our attention and reflection that matters most.

    In a recent paper, Benjamin Farrer, a political scientist at Knox College in Illinois, argues that we have mistaken the key resource upon which democracy, and perhaps civilization, depends. That resource is attention. But not your attention or my attention. Our attention. Attention, in this sense, is a collective resource; it is the depth of thought and consideration a society can bring to bear on its most pressing problems. And as with so many collective resources, from fresh air to clean water, it can be polluted or exhausted.

    or a non-paywalled link