Tuesday, December 13, 2022

You're Not the One That Let Me Down, But Thanks for Offering

Fuck me, it nagged me, I did research re: this shitty blog's (and thus shitty me) theme songs (and other dead bleggalgags which I'll keep to myself until I don't), I'd forgot content and order, hence bleggalgaze, I do try not to, believe it or not

I remember THE theme song and *still* and always theme song, (Archers put out their first album in 24 years in 2022 and fuck the yeah), and remembered the second and third and fourth and fifth in the correct order, I can't give you a link to the fifth, which is also this shitty blog's Bleggalgazing Anthem, fuck you, Worldwide Pants for (today's fine metaphor abounding) blocking a forty year old video, I forgot the sixth and was reminded I don't listen to Nick Cave anymore, just don't want to, forgot the seventh and was reminded I abandoned it when it became a regular feature on Subway restaurant commercials, remembered the eighth was on the list but forgot is was eighth, the back-up Bleggalgazing Anthem, same with ninth and tenth and eleventh (the back-up back-up Bleggalgazing Anthem and twelfth (the back-up back-up back-up Bleggalgazing Anthem)

making The Clean's *Getting Older* the thirteenth if I don't revise, eleventh when I officially remove the Grinderman and Soft Boys songs and renumber, the fifth if I officially remove all but the Bleggalgazing Anthems, the fourth if I never can post The Guy Under the Seats again because fuck you, Worldwide Pants, the fifth if 
I never can post The Guy Under the Seats again because fuck you, Worldwide Pants and add below my favorite Archers song, actually, as the new back-up back-up back-up Bleggalgazing Anthem which I either just did or didn't, I won't remember in six months anyway by which time many that I love today I'll meh then and many that I meh now I'll gah then

"The biggest obstacle to real freedom is the belief that we already have it"
"The Fascist wing of the GOP is not only young and growing, but also saying the quiet part loud to a receptive audience. If they succeed, the US will become a living hell for most."
Coming soon from *your* United States Supreme Court
The Predictable Resurgence of Fascism and Nazism On Both Sides of the North Atlantic and Its Consequences
How everything became Fascism
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Bernadette Mayer, the poet of escape
OK, under the new system which either has or hasn't been implemented this is now Theme Song Six or Theme Song Eleven or Theme Song Fourteen plus the back-up back-up back-up back-up back-up Bleggalgazing Anthem


Bernadette Mayer

I saw a great teapot
I wanted to get you this stupendous
100% cotton royal blue and black checked shirt,
There was a red and black striped one too
Then I saw these boots at a place called Chuckles
They laced up to about two inches above your ankles
All leather and in red, black or purple
It was hard to have no money today
I won't even speak about the possible flowers and kinds of lingerie
All linen and silk with not-yet-perfumed laces
Brilliant enough for any of the Graces
Full of luxury, grace notes, prosperousness and charm
But I can only praise you with this poem—
Its being is the same as the meaning of your name

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