Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Darkness Starts Inside of Things, Keeps on Going When the Things Are Gone

Every Sunday morning at 9:28 my iPhone texts me data on the past week's screen time, this past Sunday Apple told me my usage last week down 49% from the previous week. It occurs to me as I type this that I haven't checked my stats at this shitty blog or the other shitty blog (where there's no point checking the stats, though that never stopped me before). I think I've tweeted less. I'm not writing, not painting. Not not writing, not not painting, just not writing or painting. Finished reading but not processing McCarthy's *Passenger," will start its coda today or tomorrow, both the best worse book and worse best book I've read since the last. Read Larry Levis' *Elegy,* Levis a poet many of the poets I do read always recommend that I hadn't read, get why they do even if I, entirely predictably, don't ping. Just looked at my digital tablet, no entires in a month, no poetry in analog tablet in a month, nothing in analog tablet but three short entries noting that I'm not writing or painting. Cannot imagine, after reading the McCarthy, restarting the Fosse, I'll take McCarthy's God over Fosse's Jesus one hundred and one times out of a hundred. I apprehend and process my daily reprogamming in square blocks of duh hovering transparently behind my eyes, they turn yellow when I put in my glaucoma drops. Life in the Duhocene. Have I told you three times we are being reprogrammed? I know, I can't imagine reading Vollmann now either. I never would have guessed how anticlimatic and dull and horrifying the deliberate and permanent breaking of kayfabe would be. Zoomed last week with three friends once miles and years away, now galaxies and eons and lifetimes away. I blame me for all of it. Links collected from the last week below before they're stale

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All igspays are bastards, every single one
Today in rhetorical questions!
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In good news, someone put Delgados in my head


Christian Wiman

A shadow in the shape of a house
slides out of a house
and loses its shape on the lawn.

Trees seek each other
as the wind within them dies.

Darkness starts inside of things
but keeps on going when the things are gone.

Barefoot careless in the farthest parts of the yard
children become their cries.


  1. Sounds like you've contracted a Rickettsia disease from a tick bite because that's how I feel AND I'm on month 11 of tick disease with no end in sight.

    1. Laugh, I have a check-up next week, I'll ask, though I think it's (a) January in a job when January second only to September in terms of rush and (b) I'm tired at zerting every time shitlords crank the culture war car battery attached to everyone's awooganads

    2. We're hiking all the local trails this winter we can't hike in tick-season and we deet ourselves when deeting necessary regardless whatever cancers overdeeting catapults but my number on the roulette wheel tick-wise *will* hit sooner or later. Hope some resolution is found

    3. It was close to zero F when they found the tick…after not walking a forested road for 5 months. Probably survived sepsis and tularemia on self-treatment

  2. 1/the second rhetorical question you link to here is

    Can the Country Come to Terms With Its Original Sin? In Edward J. Larson’s “American Inheritance,” the Pulitzer-winning historian attempts to insert reason into a passionate public conversation.

    this book review does not even mention the other original sin - the attempted extermination of the original inhabitants

    likewise, jefferson was not thinking of the indigenous peoples when he wrote 'i tremble for my country when i reflect that god is just'

    2/speaking about justice, i think again on the james tate poem about the wild cheese


    3/speaking about god, my formal religious education began in first grade unitarian sunday school at first parish of framingham, massachusetts - that was in the 1950s

    first parish is still there, and today i have arranged to attend their next sunday worship service by zoom meeting - the membership coordinator wrote me "welcome back - virtually"

    i did not reply to her [- and i am not guess as to her preferred pronoun on the basis of her given name - rather, she was kind enough to specify her pronouns in her email to me] with a line from t.s. eliot :

    We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

  3. 1. Then, I may be on month 75 of Tick Madness. It started a lot further back than that, but after a date in late 2016 it really seemed to get out of hand.
    2. "Finished reading but not processing McCarthy's *Passenger," will start its coda today or tomorrow, both the best worse book and worse best book I've read since the last." Aw, man.
    3. Will retire this year. Am listening to Debussy.