Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Eccentric and Reckless, It Skids Away and Drops Dead into Its Own Skeleton

Gravity's Rainbow released 50 years ago yesterday, Howard Nemerov born 103 years ago today though actually born on February 29, you haven't daydreamed about a February 29 birthday? Yesterday also my brother B's birthday, 1961 so no Leap Year luck, but send him a bump if you know him but haven't already

Haven't done that in a while. Will I ever read, with focused comprehension, front-to-back *Gravity's Rainbow* or *Mason & Dixon* or *Against the Light* ever again? Gaddis' *Recognitions* or Gass' *Tunnel*? Will I finish *In Search of Lost Time*, I'm in the middle of *Sodom and Gomorrah* and flailing. Beyond my eyes' dimming I was young until sixty-two, this past year, yikes! skipped middle-age, went straight to old. Mountains I can climb all day but might cripple myself if not die climbing down, my freaking eyes, knees. My memory, old too, I remember 1977 better than yesterday, am I wrong or was Modest Mouse not an oompah band of weight once?


Howard Nemerov

This admirable gadget, when it is
Wound on a string and spun with steady force,   
Maintains its balance on most any smooth
Surface, pleasantly humming as it goes.
It is whirled not on a constant course, but still   
Stands in unshivering integrity
For quite some time, meaning nothing perhaps   
But being something agreeable to watch,   
A silver nearly silence gleaning a still-
ness out of speed, composing unity   
From spin, so that its hollow spaces seem   
Solids of light, until it wobbles and   
Begins to whine, and then with an odd lunge   
Eccentric and reckless, it skids away   
And drops dead into its own skeleton.

Born 213 years ago today, one of only a very very very few old farts I still want to listen to these days
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Jesse Nathan

If I were half as free as you
I wouldn’t droop,
make faces of parchment,
shed branches like phantoms,
wouldn’t hide
a heart of soft scarlet.

If you were half as free as me
you wouldn’t go—
you who leave not once, like guests,
but over and over, like friends.


  1. ... and Tom Pynchon is 84 or 85 and still crazy after all these years, as Salman Rushdie noted. My recording mechanism used to bring 53 and 54 years ago back with bad clarity, but not so much now. I was defending a thesis in 1977 (essentially, Elliot Gould in 'Getting Straight') without the benefit of air support. I recall Modest Mouse kinda but am willing to take a refresher. Never stop being in nature.

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