Monday, February 27, 2023

The Sound of Their Voices Heard While Dying by the Fire for the Cause

Here are the links I owe you, most of them angry. Like you, I can't believe that Modest Mouse is opening for Weezer not visa versa. I can't believe Weezer isn't opening for Spoon. Life in the Always Infuriated Ocene, I am telling you three times we're being reprogrammed. Here's me, L, and our gentle monster cherry tree yesterday in the reflecting ball my son-in-law gave me Giftmas two Giftmases ago:

Even always infuriated we have our reputation as the crazy cat people with weirdass garden statuary to upkeep! As of now I won't be entering the contest L & C are encouraging me to try, I don't need a judge to verify my own perception of my worth. Jeezus, imagine me if I won, the furious fuck. Have two more George songs for his 80th in a post I will convince myself by tomorrow isn't filler

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"The thing is, some of us find we cannot stay away from politics. But if there is little we can do that is politically effective, our politics becomes about copying forms of action that used to be effective in different situations and circumstances. Political action becomes, in a quite literal sense, quixotic. It is as if we were trying to be chivalrous knights, playing roles that no longer exist, based on romantic ideas about time periods that are gone"
Five theses on the war in Ukraine
We can't consume our way to the good life
Tutoring the children of the super rich
What she doesn't say is that this is happening with the full support of motherfucking Democrats - best case scenario is that they just don't fucking care
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Great bands steal, mediocre bands borrow


Franz Wright

My stepfather was busy splitting my stepmother's skull with and ax, which struck me as excessive behavior even for him - oh, I see: she'd first flown in the window and, folding her black vespertilian wings, had bitten his neck pretty bad, which quite naturally resulted in instantaneous rabies, then their mutual demise, why didn't I think of that? A conical mountain rose in the distance, a road winding around and around it like the thread of a screw, on it children in white chadors descending slowly in song (the two of them reborn in their company), I never heard anything like it. Each then releasing from hands now unfolded from prayer scarlet moths who darkened the air, the sound of their voices like faraway choirs heard while dying by the fire for the cause.

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  1. 1/with regard to which act gets to be at the top of the bill, i once walked out on a procol harum set because it was so much less impressive than what king crimson had played before it - this was on may 23, 1974, the 25th birthday of the viola player for king crimson

    2/here's an account of a recent event

    This was posted yesterday on the twitter account of a covid-cautious english clergyman, @1goodtern. Tern writes:

    I went for an outdoor pub meal with a friend’s family on Thursday. Both our families have clinically vulnerable members, so we were wrapped up warm and well spaced in a windy part of the beer garden. They had their mother in law with them and she went into the pub to get drinks.

    She masked up to go in, with a decent ffp2 mask. Made a show to the family of crimping the nose bit properly. She went in, and I realised that she wouldn’t be able to carry all the drinks back out on her own, so popped on my own ffp3, and followed in.

    When I got in, she had taken off the mask, and was saying to a friend she had met, “Don’t tell my son outside”. She didn’t notice me standing beside her, waited until she had the first tray of drinks, put her mask back on, and went outside.

    There aren’t many people you can genuinely rely on to do what they’ve said they will do, let alone what they are supposed to do.

    I spoke to the family afterwards. I felt it was right for them to know.