Wednesday, April 19, 2023

brittle under the weight of what was news to attentive readers

Had lunch yesterday with a Hilltop friend and full professor and once-upon-a-time compatriot blogger who abandoned her blog when she birthed twins four years ago. She supports my mthrfckrng crckchrstrfcks and mthrfckrng mthrfckng Dmcrts and their mutual boss mthrfckng shtlrds though she asserts that other professors who once-upon-a-time read her and my blog no longer read my blog not because they think I'm mthrfckng wrong but because they think I am mthrfckng nuts, and true, Hilltop hits way down. Every post of yours, she said, is a screaming accusation and indictment of the reader for not being as furious at the mthrfckry as I am (I paraphrase: this is not to foreshadow a return to Thursday Night Pints which, unless I am visited by ghosts, can never reappear). I get this a lot, I said, yes, though I think more people have stopped visiting since twttr's musking (absolutely true since the masstodon exodus of readers who pinged my twttr blegging plus musking's algorithm's depegging of me because of my mthrfckrng) though I prefer to blame my mthrfckng pntng more than my mthrfckng mthrfckrng, laugh, and know I'm both right and wrong

I *am* trying to get you to join the mthrfckng Mthrfckrng Club though I don't accuse you of cowardice or stupidity for not though I do sometimes think your insistence on mthrfckng civility in these mthrfckng end times silly
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Ann Lauterbach

She holds a conversation with her ornaments,
stray or contingent, heaped in patches
darkly and then loosened
onto the table to be consumed.
Collect me, they seem to ask,
into an assembly; construe us
like any morning onto any day.
Bring us forward notch by notch
into a paradigm of comfort
to be clasped: any cup will do.
Any dance? Take a seed
and blow it toward the curtain
which, like a bright shield
hugging breasts into radiance,
is seen and spoken of and desired.
Will any silence fit? So many
columns of air are held upright
in inebriated passage,
so many paper stacks
brittle under the weight
of what was news to attentive readers
as zones of holy strangers
feed through tunnels their imported cares.
Stare at us, they seem to say,
we are windows propped up against the sky,
quotations of light waiting to sail
into your aperture, calling because because
and now now now. And the good body
is pulled over the original rapacious body
like a huge sock, its cornucopia
of sour wind and dust emptied into the firmament.


  1. 1/i like the pntng

    2/with regard to 'the dystopia is here already' - i am reminded of bruce cockburn's song 'the trouble with normal' - it always gets worse

    3/from the daily mail

    Pope gifts two fragments from the cross Jesus Christ was crucified on to King Charles so they can lead the new monarch's coronation procession

    my comment there already has several "thumbs up" votes:

    the adoration of holy relics in christianity contrasts with the buddhist teaching about the finger pointing at the moon: "In Zen teaching this point is often expressed as the moon in the sky and a finger used to point out the moon, with the finger being words or verbal expression, and the moon being reality itself. Often in Zen teaching we are cautioned, 'Don't see the finger, but see the moon directly.' "


    1. 4/and speaking of religion, recently i wrote to a friend saying

      if "I" have a postmortem fate I think the Creative Forces of the Universe will probably take into account the plea in a song I first heard on the radio in the Animals recording of it. From Wikipedia:

      "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" is a song written by Bennie Benjamin, Horace Ott and Sol Marcus for American singer-songwriter and pianist Nina Simone, who recorded the first version in 1964. "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" has been covered by many artists. Two of the covers were transatlantic hits, the first in 1965 by the Animals, which was a blues rock version; and a 1977 by the disco group Santa Esmeralda, which was a four-on-the-floor rearrangement. A 1986 cover by new wave musician Elvis Costello found success in Britain and Ireland.

      nina simone

      the animals - live in germany, 2008

      santa esmeralda

      elvis costello

  2. a comment posted at the powerpop blog on march 31, 2023 by username Nick Danger

    Steve - I've got my tickets and have been going to each and every [Wild Honey Orchestra, Los Angeles] show since they were doing all the Beatles albums in order from Rubber Soul forward. Each and every show has been fantastic and for an amazing cause. Then this dropped in my inbox back in Feburary -

    For most of his nineteen years, Wild Honey founder Paul Rock’s son Jacob, diagnosed with severe autism at age 3, has only been able to roughly verbalize the words “eat” and “yes.” His crippling inability to communicate spawned years of violent, often bloody, and increasingly compulsive self-injury.

    In 2020, during pandemic-Zoom school, Jacob suddenly found his voice via a breakthrough in his long-practiced iPad typing. One of the first full sentences Jacob typed was "I want to be called Jacob" (he had always been called "Jake" up to that point). Soon he began writing smart, compassionate poems, literate, concise movie reviews, and expressing fierce political idealism. Through his dad-held iPad, Jacob revealed an intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm far beyond anyone's wildest hopes or expectations.

    And then, 18 months ago, a bombshell: the Brian Wilson/Bob Dylan-loving Jacob casually revealed that he had just finished composing a nearly 70-minute symphony in his head.

    In the following weeks, Jacob typed out a detailed description of his musical vision and the intended emotional impact of each moment. It was to be made up of 6 titled movements: 1) Tumultuous Desire, 2) Page Turner, 3) Brilliant Disguise, 4) Laughing In My Sleep, 5) Playing to Win, 6) Laughter in the Face of Sadness. Jacob’s vision follows his journey from anger, pain, and chaos to exploding moments of joy, celebration, and bittersweet melancholy in the wake of his communication breakthrough.

    Jacob’s vision has found its perfect collaborator in the extremely talented family friend Rob Laufer, the musical director of the legendary Wild Honey Orchestra. Following and interpreting Jacob’s notes, Rob has created a midi score to match the musical outline. About their work together, Jacob says: "I want to cry because it is so perfect. I love that Rob can read my mind."

    With the midi-files of the music complete, the respected JoAnn Kane company is midway through the completion of the score and acclaimed conductor Daniel Lessler Newman has been engaged to conduct a 50 plus piece ensemble from USC's Thornton School of Music for the October 2023 performance.

    Wow. Just wow.


  3. I fail to see the indictment and think it must be the result of the guilty conscience. Unless it's just my failing.

  4. "I do sometimes think your insistence on mthrfckng civility in these mthrfckng end times silly"--We go weeeee down the wee-wee-tangy spiral water slide (ooops! no! it's a drain!) with perfect Totalitarian Decorum.

    1. imo it is possible to be too uncivil in these times - these transitional times, one might say - but the middle way of disemvoweling the most mthrfckng curse words works for me - see the live 2019 performance of The Pretenders - Middle Of The Road ft. Iggy Pop, Shirley Manson, Kings of Leon, Incubus

  5. That painting! should be the international sign for something

  6. I'm good with the mthrfckry, by the way.