Friday, April 14, 2023

Tuts Under Her Breath and It Destroys Me for a Week

Downward my psyche's gondola despite painting's resumption, witness my head above, despite Momcat below waiting for our return from our late evening walk last night. Six days from today the one year anniversary of the morning I found Momcat's son dead in our front yard, he'd often come on walks with us. I've wondered if and how I'd commemerate the day, doing it today so I'm not consumed thinking about it the next six days 

Only a major fraction of the wheel's descent. No full catalog for you, just this: I've removed the CWCF you never noticed from title bar, that sometimes helps, will try *not* being Canary or Weathervane or Cassandra or Fool for now and see if that works. A friend tells me when she shows people the blog they sorta like the clusterf*ck content and comment but hate the mthrfckring this, mthrfckring that, and what the hell is with the placemats I paint and post? and another friend tells me she bets more than half the people on twitter following me who aren't bots mute me because of the relentless voluminous mthrfckring, including her, laugh, that's not why I've temporarily quit mthrfckring the clusterf*ck or am trending sideways, I've temporarily quit mthrfckring the clusterf*ck because I'm trending sideways in significant part from mthrfckrng the clusterf*ck. Happens, usually passes. Post title from the song not the poem. It hurts as much as ever when I think about Napoleon


Rae Armantrout


You had been swinging restlessly
between the appearance of spontaneity
and the appearance of serious thought.

You had been changing lanes
after a glance
in a mirror honest about
its tendency to distort.

What choice did you have?

It was soothing to watch
wisps of smoke
from a nearby chimney
one by one.


Do you like pulses,

ridges, ripples
stretching into obscurity?

Would you prefer a flicker
to a steady light source?

This one stutters


as if it could hold something
in reserve