Friday, May 19, 2023

The Rhyme Between Lost and Most

And just like that, the day after the book of poetry I bought that I thought magical yesterday not working today, I promise myself to NEVER BUY BOOKS YOU WORK IN A UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, FUMBDUCK, and then buy a book and love it unconditionally Day One out of guilt at breaking my promise

Momcat and Ozzy now join us on our late evening neighborhood loops. Ozzy's declared himself our cat, lives in our yard, never goes home to our neighbor on the right. He's funny, doesn't shut up, chases my discs like a dog, tries but can't pick up even after he flips them over and tries to lift the disc by its rim with his teeth to play fetch. Will he come with us when we move to Michigan? I don't want to move to Michigan though the Maryland I want to live in will be Texased once the 2024 coup installs a Cracker King as emperor

Seething. I told a friend I feel stupid when I seethe (above) and guilty when I don't (below). The hexjeff below, one of only a very very few non-seething hexjeffs in existence, painted in the glow of committing to my NOT entering art competitions despite the encouragement of L and C and R, I expect that promise to go the way of my ban on buying books sooner rather than later but certainly

Admittedly it's not not-seething but it's not seething as much as most
WILDNESSAmong the trees
Safeguarding Your Mental Health from the Harmful Effects of Western War Propaganda – Ten Top Tips
We are in for 19 months of relentless, insultingly transparent spin, propaganda, and lies of omission, by way of which a senile, patently incompetent man will be offered to us as the president for another four years
The climate crisis is a health crisis
"Yet much of the left is lost to Trump Derangement Syndrome and can’t see this. Leftists criticize the Democrats at dinner parties and feel themselves to be in opposition. But in reality, they practice total fealty to the Democrats for fear that every new election “could be the last.” Most of the left has some commitment to democratic procedure, a more equitable distribution of wealth, and a more pacific foreign policy. Yet as soon as Trump is paraded out, progressives run to the imagined shelter of the Democratic Party that then proceeds to betray them"
Watch this, and remember when that Michigan state rep made that elegant and damning speach against crckrstanis in general and a crckr running against her who lied about her in particular and people were like finally, standing up to crckrs? Me neither until I watched this, and this will get less traction and disappear - disappear, it never happened - even faster
The Fed is more corrupt than SCOTUS and is going to steal your pension, your IRAs, and any and all property you own in service of our shitlords
YFWP hires and publishes the fat pig thiessen
Mongo howls: no one is coming to put out this fire
Yes, but shitlords will kill all of us trying to stop it
If I was a novelist looking for ideas I'd explore a first person narrative of George Santos by George Santos
We're ALL bored with culture
Helmetball is for assholes
of or forThe post-linguistic turn
Alright, I will fail Henry James again
BirdsongIra (not my son-in-law) to throw out first pitch


Carl Phillips

When he asked if I still loved him, I didn’t answer;

but of course, I loved him.

He’d become, by then, like the rhyme between lost

          and most


  1. 1/i like the two hexjeffs - and the two cats tagging along for a walk is moving to someone in a sentimental mood

    2/and speaking of sentiments, and moving - i am, i suppose, more optimistic than you about maryland's ability to persist in its marylandness [in the short and medium term] no matter who may take the spokesmodel's role at the white house - as krishna could have said in the bhagavad gita, each state of the united states has both divine and demonic tendencies - maybe he would have reversed the order of the adjectives

  2. Whenever The Henry's name is invoked, it triggers a story out of Leon Edel's bio: James was visited in England by one of his cousins from America, a young woman; they took walks on the beach at Rye, and James frequently was wont to correct his young cousin's American pronunciation ("Jew-el, not 'Jool', dear") to align with the English manner, which he believed more correct and cultured.

    He did this frequently and consistently; finally, after yet one more gentle scolding from Henry, his cousin burst into tears: "Oh, cousin Henry; you are so cruel !" she exclaimed. After a pause, James said, "Krew-el, not 'Krool', dear."

  3. The hexjeff below (above) is unexpected like all the least-compliant visuals; I scrolled down and my dozing art-appreciator yelped/ flinched. Looks like an illustration of the elusive concept of "virulence as a good thing".