Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Until One of Our Daughters Shouted: "It Was Right in Front of You, Right in Front of Your Eyes, and You Didn't See

That's my right eye. My congressman in Maryland, who cosplays as a progressive, yesterday tweeted out, playing his role in this shitlord kabuki, in support of Biden invoking the 14th Amendment to defeat maga efforts to gut social programs via extorting concessions from Biden re: debt ceiling, and I retweeted, adding, "primary Biden or shut the fuck up, poseur," which advice I'm sure he'll take and declare tomorrow just after voting to send another trillion dollars to war profiteers via Laundromat Ukraine (which he digs - to be fair, all Maryland elected officials, by coincidence and consequence of location, never turn a military dime down). 

I was being sarcastic, of course: there would be not change at the top if Raskin was potus. and Raskin's is too far up the colon of the Democratic Party's ladder match (he wants to be Speaker, it's the deal he made with MFDMHQ (who will never make him Speaker), bet you a digital pint he doesn't run for Cardin's senate seat) to be anything but a House shitlord tick. This is my left eye

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Marie Howe

What we did to the earth, we did to our daughters
one after the other.

What we did to the trees, we did to our elders
stacked in their wheelchairs by the lunchroom door.

What we did to our daughters, we did to our sons
calling out for their mothers.

What we did to the trees, what we did to the earth,
we did to our sons, to our daughters.

What we did to the cow, to the pig, to the lamb,
we did to the earth, butchered and milked it.

Few of us knew what the bird calls meant
or what the fires were saying.

We took of earth and took and took, and the earth
seemed not to mind

until one of our daughters shouted: it was right
in front of you, right in front of your eyes

and you didn’t see.
The air turned red.    The ocean grew teeth.

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  1. the first link in today's posting goes to caitlin johnstone

    looking at the reader reviews on amazon of her book Woke: A Field Guide For Utopia Preppers [published December 1, 2017] we find a 3 star review from the u.s. that says

    This is primarily a book of artwork and poetry

    I gave three stars NOT because I think this book is average, but just to signal dissatisfaction with my purchase. It was not what I expected. In truth I didn't read any of it - I merely scanned through quickly, saw that it was mostly images and poetry and decided to return it. I bought it because I have enjoyed the authors political thinking and prose writing, and it was reviewed highly by others. However, I was hoping for more prose -- essays, practical ideas about surviving the coming political and economic bleakness, socially, spiritually and practically. I would say this is likely better described as an inspirational piece. If that's what you're seeking you may love it! Just not for me, I am already brimming with enthusiasm (lol, but seriously) - I'm seeking more practical ideas and direction. - Nick

    other americans gave it one star reviews; e.g.

    I read an article by this author and was very impressed by it. So....i bought this book, her book, thinking it would be equally stimulating. Wrong. The worst $30.00 i ever spent!
    [this person bought the hardcover edition]

    I have come to respect johnstone's rational thought and was looking forward to her book. Regrettably, this book is just lousy verse, emotional stuff without structure or direction. It is just mush from someone trying to be poetic, or even profound. don't waste your money. wait for her to produce some rational thought. I know she is capable.

    contrariwise, portia sykes writes in a 5 star review

    For Those That Hear The Call

    How many times have I read this wonderful book? Many, and I expect to re-read it many more times over the course of my life. Caitlin Johnstone took the thoughts which swirl in my mind and put them into lyrical yet hard-hitting poems that called me to wake up even more profoundly than I already was. Her poems are a call to action. From her insights, I opened both my right and left eyes to what was possible in this world, and she put my feet to the fire to do something about it. I consider "Woke" to be one of the strongest forces which led me to write my own work of fiction. My gratitude to her for the vision she shared cannot be adequately summarized with words. If she ever wonders if her message was received, she can rest knowing that I heard her loud and clearly. Thanks Caitlin for sharing your Light!