Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A Curse, an Abomination, a Contradicition, a Daily Weight

Here's a chance to write in moleskine without abandoning the boorum & pease because I'm calling this a poem. I'm more interested in the shapes this pen makes on the page than I am what the words' penned shapes say. My left eye:

I am going blind faster while seeing better, I hear the sentence from afar but forget the words before I can write them down. Forensic scientists calculate ink evaporation to date handwritten evidence. Moleskine easier to write in than boorum & pease so sloppier script than boorum & pease, my front window's open, my smoke will be legal in twelve days, the neighbors' kids and the neighbors' friends' kids are in my front yard playing soccer. Haven't you wanted to hear what English sounds like to a mandarin-only speaker? That's not what I heard coming but what I wrote in this moleskine

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Randell Jarrell

I am blind, you out there. That is a curse,
An abomination, a contradiction,
A daily weight.
I lay my hand on my wife’s arm,
My gray hand on her gray gray,
And she leads me through empty space.

You move and shove and think that you
Sound different from stone on stone.
You are mistaken: I alone
Am, am in torment, and bawl
Inside me something interminably
Howls, and I can’t tell what’s howling,
My heart or my bowels.

You recognize the songs? You haven’t sung them
Not in this key, quite.
To you, at morning, the new light
Comes warm in your open house.
And you’ve a sense of seeing eye to eye,
And that tempts one to show mercy.

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  1. 1/at the end of the commentary by caitlin johnstone linked to here:

    We are marching toward dystopia and oblivion, and we are doing it in ways that have no historical precedent. We’re in completely uncharted waters, and things are only getting crazier and crazier.

    What a wild world. What a time to be alive.

    2/i was looking at pictures of deep sea snailfish recently - now people that wanted to see the wreck of the titanic with their own eyes are in a situation which seems to be developing in a way that is not to their advantage

    3/naomi klein says that we ignore rfkjr's candidacy at our peril