Friday, June 23, 2023

Poetry Dissolves in Brilliant Moisture and Reads Us to Us

Fleabus day or two ago, photo by my daughter C, once upon a time I posted Fleabus photos by C almost every post. She's home this week, C, home is whole. Below the grid of words I've needed to look up reading McCarthy's *Suttree* for the very first time though the fifth or sixth start, the fuck wrong with me, Rosie, photo by C, in the big room, bottles in the window bought in the best junk store ever in Ellsworth Maine, in a month and two days L & I will drive through Ellsworth on the way to Seal Cove. I have not finished a novel, including *Suttree*, since I read and chimed like once novels chimed me when I read McCarthy's 2022 *The Passenger* earlier this year. I shouldn't have tried *Suttree* immediately done finishing *The Passenger* like I ain't've gone to Library School just done with masters in English, I blame me for the fourth or fifth failure, credit me for not going back to Library School. Grid of words I needed to look up reading McCarthy's *Suttree* only pages 1-150, lordy, the chapter when he goes to his abandoned son's burial and is physically attacked by his abandoned wife's mother, I'm not even a third through, who knows what I'm in for, I have lived a cushioned life

AbscissionThe act of cutting off; severance; removal
Addorsed:Oriented back-to-back, as of two animals or objects
AnentWith regard to, about, in respect to, as to, insofar as, inasmuch as
AustralDesignating, or pertaining to, a zone extending across North America between the Transition and Tropical zones, and including most of the United States and central Mexico except the mountainous parts
Halm:The stem or stalk of grain of any kind, and of peas, beans, hops, etc.
Macled:Crystallized, as in diamonds
MarcassinFrench: a young wild boar
MasticA vague term that generally refers to fast-grab glues for tile
MaugerIn spite of; in opposition to; notwithstanding
MurreyA dark red mulberry color
NielloAny of several black metallic alloys of sulfur with copper, silver, or lead, used to fill an incised design on the surface of another metal
PannierOne of a pair of baskets carried on the shoulders of a person or on either side of a pack animal.
PargetA mixture, such as plaster or roughcast, used to coat walls and line chimneys
RelictA species that inhabits a much smaller geographic area than it did in the past, often because of environmental change
ShrikeAny of various carnivorous songbirds of the family Laniidae, having a screeching call and a strong hooked bill and often impaling its prey on sharp-pointed thorns or barbs of wire fencing.
SpallA piece of stone chipped off by a blow of a hammer or mallet
Trematode:Obligate internal parasites with a complex life cycle requiring at least two...

Excellent & clarifying reiteration of Duh re: the absurdity of capitalism and the worsening clusterfuck
For instance: Culture war entrepreneurs (paramilitary advisers, talk-show hosts, think tanks, freelance debaters, televangelists…); mercenaries (various local militias and resistance groups like Proud Boys, Oath keepers and the like); foot soldiers (armies of hopeless and gullible precariat, self-declared sovereign citizens, anti-vaxers and deniers of all flavors, conspiracy theorists and various cult members). Increasing resources have gone into the machinery that maintains their functioning and efficiency as such, e.g. political rallies and events, merchandise selling, air time purchase in media, paid advisers, building of the Wall and various other embezzlement schemes, unnecessary tax cuts, and outright sabotage of the political process ultimately forcing suboptimal compromises and allocation of funds towards unproductive goals, while depleting the budget for common social projects, leading to further atrophy of productivity growth and government institutions, and general pillage of the social landscape.
How Executives and Well-Connected Investors Make Exquisitely Timed Trades in Health Care Stocks
Today in rhetorical questions: why are my tax dollars being spent to save shitlords trapped in their shitturd at the bottom of the ocean? (Letting the days go by....)
Billionaire hubris16 Lost Islands
Cormac McCarthy’s Unforgiving Parables of American Empire
Crackerwhisperer has new whisper
Drugmakers Are Abandoning Cheap Generics, and Now US Cancer Patients Can’t Get Meds
You can't trust google, he types into blooger
Learning from David Graeber
Gore Vidal: Narratives of Empire
The 70 best alt-country albums
I vouch for many of those, but how can there not be at least one Lambchop album on this list?
I also major vouch for Caterina Barbieri's music
*Exile in Guyville* released 30 years ago yesterday


John Ashbery

We were sitting there, and   
I made a joke about how   
it doesn’t dovetail: time,   
one minute running out   
faster than the one in front   
it catches up to.   
That way, I said,   
there can be no waste.   
Waste is virtually eliminated.   

To come back for a few hours to   
the present subject, a painting,   
looking like it was seen,   
half turning around, slightly apprehensive,   
but it has to pay attention   
to what’s up ahead: a vision.   
Therefore poetry dissolves in   
brilliant moisture and reads us   
to us.   
A faint notion. Too many words,   
but precious.

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  1. The "Notes From Disgraceland" / Pataphysics ('Hey that's some big chickens') graphic is a painting by John Brosio (b. 1967). He's been creating similar works, described as "anxious realism", for over twenty years. In the context of events occurring during that timeline, I'd call his style, "Well, What The Fuk Did You Expect?" Realism. If inclined, take a gander over at johnbrosio . com , though the Gander may not be amused and he bites if he feels his time is being wasted.