Friday, July 7, 2023

A Manic Forgetter Froze My Meats

Over 1500 pings from Amazon bots in Singapore, each with a different IP address, all on Android devices, in the past 24 hours while simultaneously over 750 pings from Apple bots in Shanghai, each with a different IP address, the fuck? I've yet to receive a BlueSky invite, am I being vetted instead of scrubbed? No, when twitter crashes or Melon becomes so vile even my vanity can't keep me on twaater I will not joing (sic) Threads, I'll not trade one dueling shitty shitlord to be shittiest shitlord for another. Mastodon sucketh, I'm there though I've looked once in two months, I can't, I won't, will I? Below now one side of the 47th hexjeff card, the original plan was 52 (so 104 hexjeffs) but can't imagine quitting, fine metaphors abounding

Day after tomorrow one of two posts a year not tagged My Complicity, the other person involved will be at her dead mother's second husband's family condo on the beach south of St Augustine in motherfucking Florida (I won't be and will never set foot in Florida again, though to be fair I hated - HATED! - Florida decades before DeSantis, Florida blows (plus I hate the beach, hate, people can vouch)), laugh, hence today's post rushed, lucky my manic and my fuck-it upticking as is my disc game - I bought a Sidewinder and Leopard each twenty to twenty-five grams lighter than their brethren in bag, each adding fifty to seventy-five feet to drives, I three-d Hole 21 at Seneca, sponsored by me and SeatSix, basket in C, driving with the lighter Sidewinder, uping with the lighter Leopard, felt like an eagle, and I've found my putter after twenty-five years, a Wedge (though forehand long puts still with the Aviar with the Missing Low Is Lame sticker on bottom)). Last Sunday broke 90 on 27 hole Seneca with baskets but three all in C, best round of my life, playing tomorrow and Sunday, guaranteed to suck, I'm so upbeat to play, fine metaphors abound re: me, my game, the inevitable crestfallenness. The new PJ Harvey album dropped today, lordy

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Melissa Broder

I had not vomited in so long
Someone put the hex on my true-to-selfness
Some sorcerer kept me far from my guts
The guts I feared would choke me
And make me ashamed of having no wings
And drown my own heart
I know how to survive a feeling
But I forgot that I knew it
A manic forgetter froze my meats
I kept asking for help when I didn't need it
My demons stared out from the ice
When they finally thawed they'd been dead all along
And now I am the walking thawed
You survive yourself if you wait long enough
And vomit your guts down your defrosted breast
And bathe in your mess and say baby it's fine

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