Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Thirty-Nine Feet of Catheter Tubing, a Houseboat, a Dog

Two part manic and angry monologue today, first, made of gouache and colored pencil and fountain pen ink and calligraphy ink and lipstick, directly below this sentence and above 46 more words I had to look up from Cormac McCarthy's *Suttree,* many of them visible during Suttree's accidental maybe magic mushroom trip in the Smoky Mountains, the second embedded in grid of links below Neurosis

AccrescedTo increase, to grow
AlbifiedTo make white
AnnularShaped like or forming a ring.
AspergillumA genus consisting of several hundred mould species
AthanasiaDeathlessness, immortality
CacodemonsAn evil spirit in a nightmare
CarinatedShaped like the keel or prow of a ship
CataplasmsA poultice or plaster, spread over one's skin as medical treatment.
ChamferingTo cut off the edge or corner of; bevel.
CoproliticA hard roudish stony mass, consisting of the petrified fecal matter of animals
CrocketedA projecting ornament, usually in the form of a cusp or curling leaf, placed along outer angles of pinnacles and gables
CuspidineA fluorine bearing calcium silicate mineral
DexterNoting the side of a heraldic shield that is to the right of one who bears it. The opposite of sinister
DiddapperOne of sundry other small grebes, as the pied-billed dabchick
FlangeousA projecting edge, rim, or rib on any object, as the rims by which cast-iron pipes are connected together, or the marginal projections on the tires of railroad-car wheels to keep them on the rails.
FusticA common name for several plants and a dye produced from these plants
GonfalonA banner suspended from a crosspiece, especially as a standard in an ecclesiastical procession
GuidonA small guiding flag or streamer, as that usually borne by each troop of cavalry or mounted battery of artillery, or used to direct the movements of infantry
HematiteA common iron oxide compound
HistoplasmosisA fungal infection caused by Histoplasma capsulatum
HobA projection at the back or side of a fireplace on which something may be kept warm
HypoplasticAn underdevelopment or incomplete development of a tissue or organ
MascaledComposed of, or covered with, lozenge-shaped scales
MenhirsA single tall standing stone as a monument
MesosaurA group of small aquatic reptiles that lived during the early Permian period
MiltFish sperm, including the seminal fluid
MorlingThe wool from a dead sheep
MucronateEnding abruptly in a sharp point
MuricateCovered with short rough points or studs
NeapThe ebb or lowest point of a tide.
NemoralOf or pertaining to a wood or grove
ParacleteAn advocate, especially the Holy Spirit
PauldronThe armor of the shoulder when it is a piece separate from that of the body and of the arm
PellagrousSymptoms of a disease marked by dermatitis, gastrointestinal disorders, and mental disturbances and associated with a diet deficient in niacin
PlastronA metal breastplate worn under a coat of mail.
PorringerOriginally, a porridge-dish; hence, a small vessel deeper than a plate or saucer, usually having upright sides, a nearly flat bottom, and one or two ears
RaddledShowing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering
RimpledFolded, wrinkled, rumpled
SpelaeanDwelling or occurring in a cave
SpelothemsA geological formation by mineral deposits that accumulate over time in natural caves
StanchingWatertight, sound. strongly built : substantial
StobbedA short straight piece of wood, such as a stake
VagWhat asshole cops do to people they perceive as vagrants
WithershinsA term meaning to go counter-clockwise, anti-clockwise, or lefthandwise, or to walk around an object by always keeping it on the left.
WithyA strong flexible willow stem, typically used in thatching, basketmaking, gardening and for constructing woven wattle hurdles.

Palestinian child manages to take his cat with him as the lsraeli occupation forces expelled him and his family from their house in Jenin camp
A friend suggested to me that more people probably mute me on twatter not because I mthrfckng crckr this and mthrfckng Dmcrts that but because I mthrfckng znsts, the gncdl fcks, and I grant it's surely a decent percentage
For instance, mthrfckng znsts
Mainstream media guide to Gaza coverage
Mthrfckng Biden nominates mthrfckng WAR CRIMINAL to U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy
Presidents Keep Hiring Elliott Abrams Because The US Empire Is Just That Evil
Elliott Abrams, 2nd only to Kissinger as American Empire's bloodthirstiest ghoul
Vital Fourth of July story!
Some rich cracker wants to build the tallest flagpole in the work in Columbia Falls Maine
We'll be driving through Columbia Falls at least four times during our two weeks in Maine this summer
Re: photos in the article - turn right at the blueberry store and drive through Addison then Jonesport to get to Great Wass, our favorite hike in Maine
Said rich cracker made his fortune making the wreaths you hear about that are sent to military cemetaries, by the way, American capitalism, that
There is a creepyass military cemetary, Acadia National Cemetary (this is *miles* away from Acadia, yo), when you drive by it on US1 you get signs both north and south, one word at a time, of the Pledge of Allegiance
I would still rather live in Down East Maine than Michigan (which is where we're gonna end up because daughter)
Burning down the house
About Melon and twaater, but a reminder how strange it is that I, who once adored and bought every album and saw dozens of shows, have ZERO interest in hearing any Talking Heads song now
BTW, everything's great at twaater now
World registers hottest day ever 7/3/23
Wait! 7/4/23 registers hottest day ever
The Dead End of Pursuing Dominance
Imagine the straight Democratic ticket voters' reaction if cocaine had been found in Trump's White House
Occasional reminder that Helmetball was, is, and will always be one of the finest metaphors abounding for motherf*cking America and motherf*cking Americans
How Samuel R. Delany Reimagined Sci-Fi, Sex, and the City
New Robert Coover novel, out July 26th


Frank Stanford

A white bull, a cassock, an antique mirror
The famous ones have passed hours in front of,
A midnight blue tuxedo, a fainting couch, a key
To a box of lewd photographs, a swastika,
Twelve bales of hay, three grave plots, a statue
Of Christ holding a heart pierced by a dagger,
A black patch, all kinds of utensils for the sick—
Including thirty-nine feet of catheter tubing,
A houseboat, a dog, a baby grand, an oar
Said to have been carved from a lovely river
And a woman’s hat by Alfred Jarry, a mattress,
A shotgun, a diving helmet, an essay on The Art
Of Taxidermy and a clitoris mounted on a ring
Like quartz, a crescent wrench, a bulldozer.  


  1. 1/i like the graphic quite a bit

    2/with regard to the low frequency words -

    2.1/missus charley and i typically do the "wordle" during breakfast - although once we did it after midnight when we stayed up late finishing a kdrama series

    today by step 3 we had narrowed it down to _indy

    the answer was "windy", as one might have guessed, but r was a letter that had not yet been ruled out by our series of guesses, and in fact rindy is a word - it means what you would expect it to mean

    2.2/the word gonfalon is probably the inspiration for kurt vonnegut's word granfalloon

    kurt's novels slaughterhouse 5 and cat's cradle shaped my mind at an impressionable age - who knows if it's good or bad? in my opinion, the wikipedia article about the latter is pretty good

    2.3/gonfalon is somewhat suggestive of the 'tallest flagpole' scheme

    2.4/i agree with your friend that you probably repel more readers with your middle east comments than your law enforcement and domestic politics comments - but let your freak flag fly [another reference to flags, by the way]- you're the one that's gotta [eventual fate mentioned explicitly by jimi hendrix] so live your life the way you want to

    2.5/ see todd rundgren's cover of "if six was nine"

    similar sentiment - todd and thomas dolby's "i'm not your dog"

    3/and speaking of wanting a crescent wrench, as poet frank stanford does, i most recently used one a couple of days ago to put the permanent plates on my new car - have i already mentioned here how impressed i am by radar cruise control? truly, with respect to automobiles, "it's getting better all the time"

  2. Great Good on You for the McCarthy Gazetteer. I am struggling through Blood Meridian now, and I struggle because it's McCarthy, and he wants you down in the dirt wrastlin' with him; but also because of the blunt stream of Human Bad at all levels that flows from it. I'm no poster boy for a positive view of human nature, but we're going to be extinct and I'd like the last creative expression of People to be a Mondrian, one of your Eyes; a Jancek piece or some Leo Kottke; a Japanese Noh play; just not one of Cormac's observations about the many ways we can be unkind to each other.

  3. A) I always thought it was "widdershins" (a word I picked up in 1969, thanks to Harlan Ellison) which connects, slightly, with my comment on B) Sam Delany, a writer I had to unfriend from Faceboot after he posted a positive comment regarding NAMBLA, followed up by a p*do poem he's proud to have written in his 20s. Yeah, sure, I get it: transgress, Ah-tist! Transgress! But some transgressions are more (*worse*) than starry-eyed trailblazing. Let's not blaze that trail. Also C) calling yerself JHVH's chose-ones only really works if you convince others of it. How are the others convinced? Fake it 'til you make it?