Monday, October 2, 2023

I have waked and slipped from the calendars from the creeds of difference and the contradictions that were my life and all the crumbling fabrications

Watching paint dry - and in these two cases watching watercolor ink dry too - how I spend at least an hour every day, literally, it fascinates me, is my television

8x8 above, 6x6 below, gouache, watercolor ink, painters tape. I didn't plan - there is no plan - to post just once a week, and I made no decision to consciously post less or consciously stop checking my ping stats - today was the first time I looked in six days, seems the google bot in Shanghai and the apple bot in Tappahannock Virginia and the amazon bot in Ashburn Virginia and the mystery bot in Annandale Virginia have lost interest in me for the time being. I haven't fished for birthdays to post like once (there's a Merwin poem at bottom, he was born 96 years ago the day before yesterday, as recent as last year that merited a standalone post, I tweeted out the poem below on his birthday (I've been shadow-banned at melon's place, that's another story I haven't bothered to post about here) but didn't think of posting his birthday here beyond nah). I haven't posted a monthly Theme Song in years. Where the fuck are my cats here? Once every post had a Fleabus photo, that was a decade or longer ago, but when was the last time I posted one of the six here? I daydream of expanding pjoepf Of vriecyh into an all encompassing archive of things I've made whose paint has dried but have successfully talked myself so far out of that in effort to not further disappear into watching paint dry which I'd rather do than read and write. I worry that it will become all consuming, I worry that it won't, but at least I'm not consumed by this joint like I was for years

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W.S. Merwin

Comet of stillness princess of what is over
       high note held without trembling without voice without sound
aura of complete darkness keeper of the kept secrets
       of the destroyed stories the escaped dreams the sentences
never caught in words warden of where the river went
       touch of its surface sibyl of the extinguished
window onto the hidden place and the other time
       at the foot of the wall by the road patient without waiting
in the full moonlight of autumn at the hour when I was born
       you no longer go out like a flame at the sight of me
you are still warmer than the moonlight gleaming on you
       even now you are unharmed even now perfect
as you have always been now when your light paws are running
       on the breathless night on the bridge with one end I remember you
when I have heard you the soles of my feet have made answer
       when I have seen you I have waked and slipped from the calendars
from the creeds of difference and the contradictions
       that were my life and all the crumbling fabrications
as long as it lasted until something that we were
       had ended when you are no longer anything
let me catch sight of you again going over the wall
       and before the garden is extinct and the woods are figures
guttering on a screen let my words find their own
       places in the silence after the animals


  1. 1/my personal opinion is that anthropogenic climate change is underway - sometimes i read people saying that the collapse of global civilization can be averted, other people say the opposite - i can see it going either way

    1.5/there are even some who think "near term human extinction" - in a decade, or two, or a few - is a real possibility - something that extreme seems unlikely to me - although they are only a small fraction of the 8 billion humans currently on earth, there are some pockets of people who could carry on with local resources even if the fossil fuel powered transport and manufacturing system and global trade infrastructure entirely collapsed

    1.9/"all things must pass away"

    2/recently on my car radio i have started listening to "bluegrass country" - hd channel 2 on wamu - as predictable as the lyrics are, they nevertheless seem sincere

    3/NASA got its first asteroid sample — with help from Queen guitarist Brian May

  2. This recent spate of silky/ knotty/ crunchy apparitions is thoroughly enjoyed... esp. since i was away for a while (so there'd be more new to see in a returning gulp... and there is!)-SA