Friday, October 13, 2023

Like a Signalman Swinging a Lantern

We drive to Michigan tomorrow to visit C and R (even I don't want to do *that* I-gag again). Weekdays L and me will hike in the morning then L will paint and I'll disc late afternoons before dinner and evening with C & R. Since I don't post with the frequency of once, and the urgency to post if a certain number of days have passed ebbing, and since I've always posted less on vacation than home anyway, notice that I'll post or I won't depending on factors happily other than compulsion. My left eye, October 2023 edition

Besides, I'm sideways, I'm gonna do this once then hopefully not again, documentation in grid below. Nothing nakedly reveals the gears of the Shitlord Machine and the motives of the shitlords driving it more than Levant proxy wars in service of settler/colonist imperialistic capitalism and reassertion of white Western unipolar hegemony 

If the two current American proxy wars on the frontier with Asia, one in which we're told to be horrified and morally aghast and outraged that the Russians are doing to Ukrainians precisely what the Israelis are preparing to do to Palestinians with complete support and approval by shitlords (who insist you completely support and approve and call you immoral if you don't) doesn't clarify in people's minds the brazen amorality of the monsters who rule us I suppose nothing will, not even when their atrocities are delivered upon them. My right eye, October 2023 edition

Joe Biden calls for the genocide of Palestinians
Biden lies about seeing photos of beheaded babies and enthusiastically OKs upcoming genocide and Post editorial board lauds him, praises his "decency and moral clarity"
I am telling you three times, US and Israeli intelligence KNEW this Hamas attack was coming and US and Israel welcomed this Hamas attack and both Biden and Netanyahu vehemently believe the attack helps each politically
I am telling you three times that all our imperialist and rapacious capitalist shitlords are delighted for this war, delighted
A united front for barbarity
I am telling you three times this is a genocide of choice by western shitlords in preparation for the upcoming global war in defense of western shitlord unipolar hegemony, you are being conditioned for your upcoming slaughter or be slaughtered choice
Twenty Years of Outsourced War
Take the time to watch Hamas's English language press conference clarifying the nature of their operation against a tidal wave of mass media lies, as well as the current horrific situation in Gaza.
Don't confuse me with factsThe next lot
Reminder: xymphora provides valuable links daily, often more than once daily, bookmark and visit
Border linesAmerica will own the coming genocide
Deploying the Crying White Women Brigades across the world as we speak
If climate change doesn't kill you, it will bankrupt you
(This is not a review of) The Dragon Waiting, John M. Ford’s lost classic of fantastical history
At 3:27 AM this morning (that I listened to at 10:05 AM this morning) Maggie played a song called "Frank Stanford Is Dead,* forgive me, I can't find a recording or video for you, listen to it here. People can vouch, I'm stupid for Frank Stanford's poetry
You may be surprised to learn there's new Guided by Voices! First single off new album, takes about 50 seconds to start slapping, but...


Frank Stanford

There are many people who come back
After the doctor has smoothed the sheet
Around their body
And left the room to make his call.

They die but they live.

They are called the dead who lived through their deaths,
And among my people
They are considered wise and honest.

They float out of their bodies
And light on the ceiling like a moth,
Watching the efforts of everyone around them.

The voices and the images of the living
Fade away.

A roar sucks them under
The wheels of a darkness without pain.
Off in the distance
There is someone
Like a signalman swinging a lantern.

The light grows, a white flower.
It becomes very intense, like music.

They see the faces of those they loved,
The truly dead who speak kindly.

They see their father sitting in a field.
The harvest is over and his cane chair is mended.
There is a towel around his neck,
The odor of bay rum.
Then they see their mother
Standing behind him with a pair of shears.
The wind is blowing.
She is cutting his hair.

The dead have told these stories
To the living.

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  1. "in which we're told to be horrified and morally aghast and outraged that the Russians are doing to Ukrainians precisely what the Israelis are preparing to do to Palestinians".... and the chillingly weird thing being how effectively we are hypnotized into not seeing the Russians-in-Ukraine thing as the obvious *counter-invasion* it is. What was Vickie Nu doing over there in c. 2013/2014, handing out cookies and thumbs-upping FF snipers and otherwise greasing the skids for regime change, sliding Nato's Woke-approved actor-puppet onto the ejector-throne? Was she merely being a prankster? At the time my Wife was invited to a kind of reception for (macko boxer) "Klitsch" and we were trying to parse, later, why Klitsch had been booted from the chute to the looming job. Then we got it: not Woke-approved enough, macho-Klitsch! The tactics must shift with the times!

    But here's the twist: Vickie *hates* Ukraine for historical reasons. The game is to let two enemies duke it out, proxy slug fest of attrition, destroy each other and later the instigators sweep up all the charred chess pieces off the board and build McDonalds (or whatever) there on the mass graves! But ah, oops! The much-reviled and Othered Poot'n had other plans...!