Thursday, October 26, 2023

They Sent to Us Exploding Ambassadors of Peace

Played Woodsboro Disc Golf course yesterday with Dr Z, Woodsboro now my second only to Beloved Seneca favorite course, that's Hole 16 yesterday, threed it twice yesterday, 59 first round, 53 second

Hey, have I told you three times we are being reprogrammed or only three million times? This the view of my second shot, second round, I forehanded my magenta Roc and clanked basket, missing low is lame from any distance, fine metaphors abound. Too, I've never been so sideways at the world and my disc game has never been better, coincidence? Too, I haven't put gouache to paper in almost two weeks, here's the first new tablet centerfold spread

O, another cracker with a machine gun, another cracker with the Speaker's gavel, multiple liberal-whisperers from prestige media diagnosing your pwoggie antisemitism for not hurrahing the ethnic cleansing of Gaza, and Genocide Joe's recent face-life didn't unghoul the fuck's face but made it worse. This is one of the ten most posted songs here, I don't want to vote for your president, I just wanna be your tugboat captain, one of my ten favorite songs ever above the Lux poem

It’s a Genocide, and It Must be Stopped
Bush’s Biden's Useful Idiots
Biden Urges Americans Not To Let Dangerous Online Rhetoric Humanize Palestinians
White House Says Continued Civilian Slaughter “Is Going To Happen” In Gaza
"The president’s team is privately urging lawmakers to focus on the jobs that can be created by money spent on the war."
National self-determination is a vicious idea
Drowning in a manure lagoon
The Bull’s-Eye on Your Thoughts
Rise of the Primitive Society of the Future
No Human Being Can Exist
Cats have nearly 300 facial expressions
A steady drip down Leipziger to P'damer Str
Washington, D.C. is a Skin Crawl
The Sound of Ancient Languages, parts 1 and 2
15 ghosts & a demonProust regained
Longest, Least-Remembered Great American Novel


Thomas Lux

hate the people of this village
and would nail our hats
to our heads for refusing in their presence to remove them
or staple our hands to our foreheads
for refusing to salute them
if we did not hurt them first: mail them packages of rats,
mix their flour at night with broken glass.
We do this, they do that.
They peel the larynx from one of our brothers’ throats.
We devein one of their sisters.
The quicksand pits they built were good.
Our amputation teams were better.
We trained some birds to steal their wheat.
They sent to us exploding ambassadors of peace.
They do this, we do that.
We canceled our sheep imports.
They no longer bought our blankets.
We mocked their greatest poet
and when that had no effect
we parodied the way they dance
which did cause pain, so they, in turn, said our God
was leprous, hairless.
We do this, they do that.
Ten thousand (10,000) years, ten thousand
(10,000) brutal, beautiful years.

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