Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Bring Us Forward Notch by Notch into a Paradigm of Comfort to Be Clasped

Mood hexjeff thermostat (cold press block, acrylic paint pen, gouache, table salt, watercolor ink), last for a while or not, what passes for my studio inaccessible the next two weeks while maintenance on the building it's in are completed, my tablet activity affected too though not by design and not out of contagion but completely because I'm an animal of routine and one stuck cog disrupts all cogs

Serendipitous actually since I want to be quieter without quieting by kneejerk (though I still gather links of what I don't want to write about or paint or contemplate, just cut and paste the link as self-explanatory spit of evidence of something that sideways me, below's grid a week's worth).

I'm here less too apparently, a good thing, a bad thing, a nothing, one thing: Swans in the office, Swans in the car, Swans in my earbuds when sitting on my couch, always a sign of some upcoming swerve in my paradigms 

"Let me translate: We let them have a go at it knowing very well it would be genocide and ethnic cleansing, and we’re sad to see it’s just piss-poor, unsuccessful and very embarrassing genocide and ethnic cleansing. Try again in five years"
No longer being shocked by the murderousness of the empire is a counterintuitive sign that something unhealthy is happening to you
Years of mainstream media neglect of Palestinian reality means that truths come as shocks to most Americans
What is Hamas? Fuck if you know
"Yet it is the Palestinian people onto whom the Zionist displaces this obsession. All Palestinians are Hamas. Therefore, no Palestinian has a right to live. The conflation deracinates Palestinians and erases Palestine’s long and distinguished history. The process also grants to Zionists a type of rhetorical control in the public sphere: they get to determine the culture of the native; they get to prescribe (and proscribe) the contours of resistance; they get to adjudicate the work of national liberation. Palestinians are entrapped by the crude and self-serving imagination of the oppressor"
No Ceasefire in the Propaganda War
This war is about the West Bank
"The most vociferous opponents of ‘cancel culture’ have been strangely silent – or worse – in recent weeks on the suppression of speech in support of the Palestinians or critical of Israel"
Israel’s War on American Student Activists
Thread: why Israeli hasbara sucks now
Just when you thought UEFA couldn't suck more
The people who don’t believe LGBTQ communities should have any rights whatsoever in the US are mad that queer Muslims are protesting for a free Palestine.
Reminder that the Shitlantic’s Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg left college to volunteer for the IOF working as a prison guard during the First Intifada, assisting with the torture of Palestinian prisoners, a time he recalls as “exciting” and “exotic.”
The Hamas Attack and Israel’s War in Gaza
The reality awaiting released Israeli hostages versus the one awaiting released Palestinian prisoners
Three Zionists walk into a bar
Why won’t Arab and Muslim countries help Palestine?
⬆️"The common thread is that ruling classes can never be relied on to fight for justice"
MEANWHILE: Secretive White House Surveillance Program Gives Cops Access to Trillions of US Phone Records
MEANWHILE: Rent extraction sole goal
Avedon Carol's linksMaggie's weekly
How Finance Capitalism Ruined the World
{ feuilleton }'sWhen Black Friday comes
Why Navajo is the world’s hardest language to learn
Teetering canariesIt may surprise you to know there is a new Guided by Voices album
Cries and whispers: on Meredith Monk
The title track to Bonnie Prince Billy's latest album isn't on the latest album (he did sing it at the show w Jon Langford we saw two Saturdays ago), it's freaking heartbreakingly gorgeous


Anne Lauterbach

She holds a conversation with her ornaments,
stray or contingent, heaped in patches
darkly and then loosened
onto the table to be consumed.
Collect me, they seem to ask,
into an assembly; construe us
like any morning onto any day.
Bring us forward notch by notch
into a paradigm of comfort
to be clasped: any cup will do.
Any dance? Take a seed
and blow it toward the curtain
which, like a bright shield
hugging breasts into radiance,
is seen and spoken of and desired.
Will any silence fit? So many
columns of air are held upright
in inebriated passage,
so many paper stacks
brittle under the weight
of what was news to attentive readers
as zones of holy strangers
feed through tunnels their imported cares.
Stare at us, they seem to say,
we are windows propped up against the sky,
quotations of light waiting to sail
into your aperture, calling because because
and now now now. And the good body
is pulled over the original rapacious body
like a huge sock, its cornucopia
of sour wind and dust emptied into the firmament.


  1. 1/i listened to the title track that's not on the album that's named after it - of the songs that ARE on that album my favorite so far is "behold - be held"

    2/eliot jacobsen has written


    2.5/apparently jacobsen is taking bets on various climate-related phenomena
    3/the koch machine is throwing their money behind nikki haley - maybe SHE will be our first south-asian ancestry woman president - one never knows when something surprising might happen

  2. 1/simon armitage, currently poet laureate of the united kingdom, published a book of poems in the style of james tate

    On the front cover of my book 'Seeing Stars', there's a photograph of a poodle which has been shaved into the shape of a horse. I found it on a newspaper website, they were doing an article on dog topiary which was very fashionable at the time. Poodle's shaved into many weird and wild shapes, and the horse was probably the least humiliating, but i used that image because the poems in the book are hybrid poems, they are somewhere between poetry and prose. I think of them as little story poems.


    1.1/poetry archive lets you read, but not copy, the first poem in the collection

    1.2/i was surprised by the punctuation of Poodle's but i have pasted it here as i found it

    2/the covers shown for this book as currently on sale at amazon u.s. and amazon u.k. are not as described in the author's statement - but it can be seen at thriftbooks


    in my opinion, changing the cover for the paperback publication was a good idea - the photo of the dog on the american edition is more attractive, and the lack of a picture on the british edition is also more attractive

    3/while missus charley is away on business this week i am watching nature documentaries about the geological and biological history of the planet on youtube, at double speed - the planet was here before our species, and it will carry on afterwards -

    3.5/our friends at wikipedia quote thomas nagel [born july 4, 1937, in belgrade, whose most widely read work is the essay what is it like to be a bat?]

    If sub specie aeternitatis there is no reason to believe that anything matters, then that does not matter either, and we can approach our absurd lives with irony instead of heroism or despair.

  3. david north of wsws quotes jonathan swift and has a few remarks on the passing of esteemed statesman henry kissinger

    His Grace! impossible! what, dead?
    Of old age too, and in his bed! ...
    ‘Twas time in conscience he should die!
    This world he cumber’d long enough;
    He burnt his candle to the snuff;
    And that’s the reason, some folks think,
    He left behind so great a stink.”

    The above-quoted elegy composed by Jonathan Swift comes to mind upon hearing of Henry Kissinger's death. Were the principles proclaimed at the post-World War II Nürnberg Trials enforced, he would have died at the end of a rope decades ago.

    Kissinger will be remembered in history as a mass murdering strategist of US imperialism. He was personally responsible for bombing campaigns, military coups, and assassinations whose cumulative death toll runs into the millions.