Tuesday, November 21, 2023

It Doesn't End, Night's Sorcery Notwithstanding

Sideways but more so. The obliteration of Palestine and the extermination of Palestinians a done deal with the overwhelming approval of everyone who has a say and those who have a say say keep on obliminating and exterterating. Barks below in grid. There is no situation so shitty that shitlords won't try to make shittier for more power and profit. I'm assuming my self-incriminations on this platform and others sufficient enough and safely clouded in databases that my shutting up now won't save me from possible jail and torture or worse, the only reason to quit now is to save me from me who has always believed in an obligation to engage politically regardless of my lack of influence on anyone but myself, that to abdicate to hermitage moral weakness and cowardice, but I'm saner screaming at the clusterfuck than I'd ever be hiding mute in a void, so, below, mood, gouache, watercolor ink, clear Elmer's Glue, my left eye November 2023, my right eye November 2023 here

Last weekend in Your Effing Washington Post Joe Biden accused H*m*s of "pure, unadulterated evil" (link in reply to this tweet), here, watch Israeli schoolchildren sing "We Will Annihilate Everyone in Gaza"
But... but... someone chalked Free Palestine on the sidewalk by the White House! let's not lose sight of who's evil here
Remember a week or three ago some shitwit wrote in the Shitlantic that Nazis weren't so bad because at least they weren't enjoying themselves killing the Jews? cause Ionistszay seem to be having a blast
"GAZA, PALESTINE, 2023. The era of "postcolonialism". Let this serve as a warning to all people of the world. Once they box you into a "15 minute city", they can then kill you, and nobody on the planet will do anything at all to save you. They can blame "terrorism" that they themselves created through their actions, that they themselves supported, that they themselves funded. Do not let them box you into 15 minute cities. Fight like hell to stop them doing this to you too. Their enemies are not simply Palestinians, it's all of us. We are all Palestinians to them. We are all Palestinians to the psychopathic oligarchy."
A Chain of Proxy Wars Looms Large Behind Gaza
Remember a week or three ago some shitwit wrote in the Shitlantic that Nazis weren't so bad because at least they weren't enjoying themselves killing the Jews? cause Ionistszay seem to be having a blast
Remember a week or three ago some shitwit wrote in the Shitlantic that Nazis weren't so bad because at least they weren't enjoying themselves killing the Jews? cause Ionistszay seem to be having a blast (cutting the foreskins off the enemy edition)
Pentagon secretly poured in arms for invasion of Gaza
Western officials: Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza
Israeli officials: We're doing genocide
Western officials: They follow the rules of war
Israeli officials: We're gonna do way more genocide
Western officials: It's self-defense
Israeli officials: Burn them all
Student Protests for Gaza Targeted by Pro-Israel Groups for Alleged Civil Rights Violations
Remember a week or three ago some shitwit wrote in the Shitlantic that Nazis weren't so bad because at least they weren't enjoying themselves killing the Jews? cause Ionistszay seem to be having a blast
The Hate MachineMust something be done?
"Liberals really do just sit around all day and think of who else to blame for losing"
Thought experiment: Same war but Trump is president doing exact same enocidalgay shit as Biden and this fuckface is Trump's spokeperson, I'd still be where I am but where would the turds who defend Biden period be?
"I’ve been saying this for weeks and will say it again: this moment has truly laid bare that when it comes to racialized animus toward brown people and Muslims there is nothing that meaningfully separates liberals from their caricatures of racist Trump supporters."
⬆️"You may or may not be surprised to learn that this Islamophobic old white man caught racially abusing an Arab-American food truck worker in NYC is a former advisor to Obama and Biden"
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Contemplating Cormac McCarthy
I dig Blake Butler's fiction (especially *Alice Knott*) and I'm both eager and frightened to read his soon to be released memoir on his wife Molly's suicide
@wfmu just tweeted: Genesis, Peter Gabriel, and the story of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Steely Dan's *Gaucho* released 40 years ago today


John Ashbery

Anyone, growing up in a space you hadn't used yet
would've done the same: bother the family's bickering
to head straight into the channel. My, those times
crackled near about us, from sickly melodrama
instead of losing, and the odd confusion...confusion.

I thought of it then, and in the mountains.
During the day we perforated the eponymous city limits
and then some. No one knew all about us
but some knew plenty. It was time to leave that town
for an empty drawer
into which they sailed. Some of the eleven thousand
virgins were getting queasy. I say, stop the ship!
No can do. Here come the bald arbiters
with their eyes on chains, just so, like glasses.
Heck, it's only a muskrat
that's seen better years, when things were medieval
and gold...

So you people in the front,
leave. You see them. And you understand it all.
It doesn't end, night's sorcery notwithstanding.
Would you have preferred to be a grownup in earlier times
than the child can contain or imagine?
Or is right now the answer—you know, the radio
we heard news on late at night,
our checkered fortunes so pretty.
Here's your ton of plumes, and your Red Seal Records.
The whole embrace.


  1. Oo: Like the new color-coded, now-with-arrows thing goin' on. Hoping for an excellent holiday -- my immediate family is long gone, the last brother a quarter-century in the ground; it's good to have a few others who will take you in, put food in your bowl, let you sleep overnight by the heater.

  2. Incidentally, all the egregious violence going on will be revisited, here, at some future date yet to be announced. No one should doubt it for a moment, and it will be because the posturing of America's government as the morally ascendant nation among nations was dependent upon our nation being untouchable, and was Pferdscheiss also, and all it succeeded in doing was painting a giant target on my back and your back and all our backs, ten miles high, in neon.

  3. 1/a friend of mine from college recently sent me

    I shot an arrow at the moon,
    For which I was arrested soon.
    It hit a lady in the head,
    And now I'm sure she is quite dead.

    2/in response i wrote

    i wonder if this might be an oblique commentary on the struggle between the israelis and the palestinians - speaking strictly for myself, the news distresses me although i have given up all vain hope that anything that i personally can say or do - by myself or in nonviolent peace demonstrations with others [which i last participated in prior to the 21st century u.s. attack on iraq] will make a difference

    the dream of undoing the jewish diaspora - re-establishing the biblical kingdom of israel, and rebuilding the temple in jerusalem - as the zionist slogan went, "a land without a people for a people without a land" - is a powerful one, and unfortunately it neglected facts on the ground

    i recall pat boone's performance of the stirring hit song from the movie exodus - "this land is mine, god gave this land to me" - many believed and many still believe this to be literally true - some have messianic dreams with a jewish flavor, others have apocalyptic expectations of the second coming of christ - as the symbolic interactionist sociologists say, things believed to be real are real in their consequences, because people act on their beliefs

    3/one could look at


    4/one could also watch a twilight zone show


  4. and there's a nineteenth century poem by a distant cousin of mine - formerly taught to schoolchildren, parody echoes of which were still audible in my own childhood, back in the mid-20th century

    The Arrow and the Song

    I shot an arrow into the air,
    It fell to earth, I knew not where;
    For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
    Could not follow it in its flight.

    I breathed a song into the air,
    It fell to earth, I knew not where;
    For who has sight so keen and strong,
    That it can follow the flight of song?

    Long, long afterward, in an oak
    I found the arrow, still unbroke;
    And the song, from beginning to end,
    I found again in the heart of a friend.

    ---Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1845

    a performance of a musical setting of this, from fall of 2021


  5. "I’ve been saying this for weeks" ... yep. RE: racialized animus toward (or discomfort with) brown/black people... I've been muttering it since college. The many moments of Liberal Racism I have been doused with, when young, were worse because I hadn't prepared for them. I knew what a Cracker might say/do any minute (and for that reason spent very little time within spitting distance of a Cracker, in the 1970s and onward) but my Beneficent White Liberal Chums were always forgetting I was Black (partially because I have mastered my mother tongue, something they all felt must have a psychological "explanation," and partially because I wasn't funky, rapey or wearing a wide-brimmed hat) and letting the most *amazing* things fly out of their mouths in my presence. Mostly anecdotes about the "Three Big Black Guys" they saw on some street, or were stuck, terrifyingly, in an elevator with... for 25 seconds. These iconic "Three Big Black Guys" never did anything (except blatant blacking) but were all over fucking Mpls in the 1980s! As were the Black toddlers/ babies in strollers, my Liberal White Othering Chums always made OTT fusses over in shopping malls... as though they were Koala bears. Everybody knows that Liberal White College Students don't make a fuss over White babies.

    I won't even mention the time (actually, I guess I will) a White GF coerced me into meeting her parents (I did NOT want to marry her) and the Super Nice NPR-flavored Smiley Avatars of Benetton Consciousness chucklingly told me that marriage with their daughter (okay but who said I ever wanted to marry her, Liz 'n Gary?) was kind of a no go because granny starts LITrallay SHAKING whenever she's near Bleck Pipple! How quaint. We all had a good chuckle together, being so post-racial and everything. They very sweetly Discriminated me out of a position I hadn't even applied for!

    I know this is all at the mild end of the xenophobe spectrum (the other end is genocide) but I don't get why is HAS to be at all. I am comfortable with ANYONE (who doesn't smell bad)... though, in truth, even the Genocidaires aren't people who are "only comfortable with their own"... they hate EVERYONE (even themselves) and we see that in Israel/ Gaza, no? Israelis are being blithely sacrificed by other Israelis in this conflict, too (because more Israeli deaths writes the Genocidaires a bigger blank check for "revenge"). When they run out of Palestinians they will start on the dark-skinned Jewish people and work up the pecking order until only a few families with German surnames remain. It's a (hardwired) pathology we tend to Euphemize as "geopolitics". We could possibly come up with a pharmacological cure for this neurodivergent disorder but the pharmaceutical companies are run by (drum roll) the Genocidaires! Check mate!

  6. 1/speaking of having a blast - [a kind of pun - literally, an explosion; figuratively, a very enjoyable time] linked supra to a photo of piles of rubble [in a particular place] with flags [of a particular sort] planted on top

    caitlin johnstone, anti-imperialist australian, commenting on a report about the destruction of gaza's indonesian hospital, advises

    Find someone who loves you the way Israelis love murdering hospital patients and children.

    2/yesterday i watched on youtube a nature documentary - part of it was about "the valley of the whales" in the sahara desert - a big collection of fossilized whale skeletons shows how this area was once part of the tethys ocean

    3/speaking of whales, it was in august of last year i purchased from amazon the "todd edition" of moby dick - a paperback in which "todd" replaces every instance of "ishmael" - then it cost $5.75 plus tax - now it is offered for $14.95 - no longer a good value, in my opinion

    4/also yesterday, i found on youtube another live performance of my favorite 21st century todd rundgren song, bardo - at toddstock kaui - his 75th birthday


    It's been easy until now
    But you'll likely question how
    You have traveled far, it's true
    But there's much more left to do
    For it's time to pay the toll
    And we never know the sum of what we owe
    You can't go back from where you came
    You must move on and face the flame
    Of the last bardo

    You can pray unto your god
    But your prayers will bring you naught
    For in here you bear the scar
    Of exactly what you are
    It matters not what you believe
    And it matters even less what you think you know
    So put on your little show
    But no further will you go
    Til you pass the last bardo

    You will surrender all you hide
    And be cleansed and purified
    And of your burden you'll be free
    If it takes eternity in the last bardo

    5/some people believe that stuff about 'the last bardo' - continued existence but with cleansing and purification

    complete annihilation seems more likely to me

    but then again, the greatest of all miracles is that anything exists at all, so why couldn't there be a cherry on top [figuratively speaking]?