Sunday, November 5, 2023

I Subdued Night Until the Desert Was Clear and a Disk Shone Above

I did not attend L's friend's memorial service, L & K, the third friend in the trio, wanted to go together and I was not wanted nor should I have been. I disced beloved Seneca's 27 with Dr Z, my putts farted, worse day of putting in recent memory, 334354444, 646444444, 544434444, missed 17 putts within thirty feet that I'd been burying of late (not all seventeen of course, but eleven or twelve or thirteen), leaves are down and down acorns and walnuts beneath the down leaves, I'd like to blame the footing but here's the truth: I bought a different putter (hasn't arrived yet) I want to try as an up expecially forehand, the aero experiment is over, done, failed, but my current putter got wind of it and fucked with my head today. I had a blast. I did accuse Ramie Jaskin of moral cowardice a few minutes ago on twaater, the same Ramie Jaskin I might have met at the memorial I might have attended but was asked not to but not because L was afraid I'd say something to Jaskin, and I wouldn't, not there, today in my complicity

I still don't own a top-of-the-line overhead scanner, this one gouache and salt, I'm watching paint dry again, I wish I could hand it to you to see and hold, please don't turn it upside-down, spin, the salt falling off is normal. It is very me to do 3D art that would be destroyed if I tried to scan it face down on the high resolution scanner I have access to much less is deteriorating as I type, I thumb this like a worry stone

We left for New Jersey an hour before this posted. We're picking up Louie, a rescue from a puppy mill, from a family friend on my son-in-law's side, around ten this morning then driving to State College Pennsylvania to meet our daughter who drives from Ann Arbor(ish) to meet us and hand off the dog but not before enjoying maybe disc maybe hike maybe walk around Bellefonte and/or State College and have fun, dinner, fun tomorrow morning. No anger, no grid today, joyfully unintentional and not thwarting compulsion. Today in my complicity. I guarantee the song below this photo of Louie is not the song I just put in your head

By the way, bots nuts now, be advised. Yowzawooga


Alice Notley

He seems to be in front helping me look out
of my foreheaded self. Listen to me:

prone night. I was its actual first child
cutting a path with my sword through its
vapors. Then I subdued night until
the desert was clear and a disk shone above.
I am the hero of the struggle between de-
spair and illumination, which is not a shaky
buoyancy but claritas. The name of life
or that you see at all. Just look. If you
kill yourself nothing will happen.
No choices but pedestrian actions a lying
story: you have done nothing. You
can be a detail — a scurrier — garbage
you leave, a fit of nerves, propagating that.
The front of my looking out pulls

beauty taking me taking you. The scab in the sky
is gone. We have to go beyond our calculations
and the small words. Why a golden fringe on shirt
come quickly riding the best horses. And
nux is what night the worthless was, as I
sang, We don’t have to believe the petite poetries.
Hooves are pulling us across the yellow sands:
lost in a word, led in a word I got there.
I can never turn back, you see and you can never turn back.


  1. 1/that's a good looking dog

    2/yesterday i listened to a husker du song - not the one in this post - and was reminded of someone i used to know - a major figure in one of the top ten soap opera episodes of my life - story is outlined at

    2.5/the latest news on that - within the last year i wrote a letter to the person in question asking for followup info - i was thinking of "now and then" - but got "no reply" - which is also a kind of response - "there will be an answer - let it be" [beatles song titles intentionally imbedded - i like rick beato's youtube episode analyzing the latest and presumably last beatles song]

    3/and speaking of population growth, and "now and then" - "then" could refer to either the past, or the future, in this phrase - this morning i came across

    The human eco-predicament: Overshoot and the population conundrum
    William E. Rees

    Vienna Yearbook of Population Research, 2023, vol. 21, issue 1, TBA-OLF

    Abstract: The human enterprise is in overshoot, depleting essential ecosystems faster than they can regenerate and polluting the ecosphere beyond nature’s assimilative capacity. Overshoot is a meta-problem that is the cause of most symptoms of eco-crisis, including climate change, landscape degradation and biodiversity loss. The proximate driver of overshoot is excessive energy and material ‘throughput’ to serve the global economy. Both rising incomes (consumption) and population growth contribute to the growing human eco-footprint, but increasing throughput due to population growth is the larger factor at the margin. (Egregious and widening inequality is a separate socio-political problem.) Mainstream approaches to alleviating various symptoms of overshoot merely reinforce the status quo. This is counter-productive, as overshoot is ultimately a terminal condition. The continuity of civilisation will require a cooperative, planned contraction of both the material economy and human populations, beginning with a personal to civilisational transformation of the fundamental values, beliefs, assumptions and attitudes underpinning neoliberal/capitalist industrial society.

    4/last night, listening to a reading of william catton's book "overshoot", i was struck by the observation that agriculture had not necessarily increased the total productivity of the photosynthetic biosphere - and possibly even diminished it - just shifted it towards what humans wanted to grow - even though i am an old guy, this is the first time this thought had occurred to me

    5/today it is my hope to live with awareness and with love

  2. Just to say that Art object above is a sumptuous visitation!

    But also, to MC: beware crypto-Eugenic Austrian concern trolls who warn about "human eco-footprints" and say nothing about making Billionairing illegal. I don't think we grasp just how much of an impact that the sport called billionairing (and trillionairing) is having on the planet, but those 8-kid families in SA, recycling old tires for sandals, are each a grain in the desert in comparison. I have never seen any Gobal Economy Eco-Impact cassandras call out the Gates and Musks and Buffets (as if they're producers, see? And not giga-consumers). "While there were a total of 3,194 billionaires worldwide in 2022, a high number of the world's population owns less than 10,000 U.S. dollars." How much damage can you do with 10k a year in countries where they don't even sell Twinkies?

    "Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates' mansion went through a whopping 4.7 million gallons of water last year—enough to cover his five-acre estate with a flood nearly 3 feet deep and make him the area's top residential water user."

    Here's the kicker: that stat is from 2001!

    Ah, but HERE'S a headline from Bill's personal blog in 2018:

    "This ingenious machine turns feces into drinking water"

    Are we getting the message yet?

  3. i do not regard rees as an Austrian concern troll who ignores disparities between the obscenely rich and the desperately poor

    1/he's canadian

    2/in the abstract given here he states Egregious and widening inequality is a separate socio-political problem.

    3/our friends at wikipedia have an article about him

    1. "Honorary Austrian concern troll" fits just as well, MC. Also, re: "Egregious and widening inequality is a separate socio-political problem". Well, he sort of *would* say that, no? The issue is Resource Consumption, and however they try to pin the tail on the donkey of the Global South... and so forth. Please concentrate on BG's water consumption stats when he had lots less filthy lucre than he has now... that's all I humbly ask! Cheers and Happy Upcoming Festive Stuff to All!