Wednesday, November 1, 2023

And. By God. Stop the Bells Ringing Stop Them

L's recently deceased life long friend S** was a personal friend of my congressman, JR, MD-8, and vouched passionately for his decency and good heart when I (I paraphrase) said JR's a progressive poseur, he's a corporate Democrat (S was a corporate Democrat) (S also despised, with the heat of a million suns, our County Executive ME, who actually is somewhat progressive compared to most motherfucking corporate Democrats), but S was a corporate Democrat (she vouched for Neera too, CLICK!). JR still might be one of the corporate Democrats first to speak against the Gazan holocaust but that will require significantly more and worse war crimes than bombing a refugee camp, and even then, pfft, no way; he ain't giving up his wrung on the ladder (and see the first IHMD link in grid below)

In furious futility yesterday (before the idea of the above paragraph had appeared to me) I sent him an email off his contact page on his website and then encouraged friends via twooter who also live in Maryland 8 to email, that's how sideways I am, knowingly adding to more datamined chits into fnbsia's cloud collecting my spurts from my three main ips (and then warned people, on potus' twitter page, that potus's twitter page is a nfsbai honeypot). What the fuck am I doing, I don't ask because of the honeypotting, I self-incriminate ALL THE FUCKING TIME, the fuck am I doing emailing a motherfucking professional Democrat, Republicans are assholes, motherfucking Democrats the enemy

Is there some number of dead, some video of an Israeli tank blowing up the economy car of a family trying to escape like the IDF told them to or video of parents pulling their dead toddlers out of bomb rubble or... imagine which atrocity that will make JR break from otuspay who though clearly in otageday hangs onto the worse of the shitty human he's always been, JR didn't work to get the job of Chief Taunter of Crackers to give up his wrung on the Corporate Democrat Ladder and his promising future up-wrung by criticizing an American sponsored genocide

*BFF stood w me at my and L's wedding, S (as well as K) with L. Hamster and SeatSix and David Bogo (you still visit here?) were there too
*We go to S's memorial service this coming Saturday which will be filled with motherfucking upper management corporate Democrats and, for L's sake, I won't say a word, the fuck is wrong with me?
- Woke up with this in my head:

UPDATE! Serendipitously, Diane, on her Kamikaze Fun Machine show this morning, played this cover of the above:

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Wonderwall Music released 55 years ago today


Anne Carson

Does it have
chlorophyll or not
if it has.
Chlorophyll does it
have anything
but twisted metal
visible above
the waterline or
not if.
Anything but
twisted metal is
visible above the
waterline are its
angles in a closed
angle root
or not if its angles
are in a closed
Root does it shine if
it shines might
you find Dark Age
bone fragments
within one
hundred miles or
not. If you find
Dark Age bone
fragments within
one hundred miles
is it.
A sad irony or not
if it is a sad irony
does that imply
secondary heat
feelings in addition
to rats chuckling.
All night in the
twisted metal or
not if it does imply
Heat feelings do
they harrow even
the keenest minds
even. The
judges of the dead.
If they do not
Even the keenest
minds even the
judges of the dead
There a manifesto
of feeble love and
bitter love and
was it paid for
with booty
or if not paid for
with booty is it a
If it was a walnut let
it bare a coaxing bosom.
By God.
Stop the bells ringing stop them.


  1. 1) " I self-incriminate ALL THE FUCKING TIME". I have it on good authority that when you DON'T self-incriminate, that's when you become an ip of suspicion and get on a list

    2) Otageday? And the Knights?

    3) Re: Wonderwall: if only the movie were as cool as it feels that it MUST be! I've been trying to will that movie to be cool for 40 years. Other movies that I've been trying to will to be cool for 40 years: 6) The Magic Christian 5) The Party 4) Zabriskie Point 3) Blow Up 2) Candy 1) The Magic Christian 0) How I Won the War (!!!).

    1. i wondered if "magical mystery tour" was really not worth watching - many years later, i got the chance to find out for myself

    2. "I Am The Walrus" was my Bhavagad Gita, MC... for that (and mostly that reason) alone I still sit through it c. every ten years, sort of smirking each time!

  2. 55 years gone, the Wonderwall? Fifty-Five Years ??
    Jesus fuck. That's right.