Monday, November 13, 2023

Remind Us of the Braids in the Phrasings of Our Dreams Before We Vanished

Latest thoughts on our festering clusterfuck in general and the colony settler Israeli-American massacre and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in particular, fellow vermin and radical Left lunatics:

Back to just gouache and watercolor ink, mixed color painter's tape, clear elmers glue, table salt set aside for now, for now just washes. 2023 November Fine Metaphors Abound. I'm destroying my old tablets after rummaging through and ripping out old poems and paintings I like but forgot first, was going to post some here but no then was going to post some there but no, they've been posted at a blog you can find here if you look. Below in my earbuds while I wrote the above hexjeff, strongly recommend turning your speakers to eleven

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Roy G Guzman

You novelize a route with flesh dumped at the ranch, can’t backtrack
the courage of miles we traversed in the dark, on a sighing speedboat,

through jungles that spat only shoes, calzones, bodies twisted
as guitarras when there’s no grito left in them to pluck. Back home,

we priested our mornings with sun-dried sombreros, communed
with our ghosts & had no wish to sacrifice our bellies, our terneros,

our Consuelos. With wings from acero, we’d crash latitudinal 
mystify Bengay on the mouths of our map-torn feet, pay no heed

to grief’s ambidextrous strophes. If we choked on our own blood
we harpooned optimism. But when the vans deadlocked our 

we knew our shadows had crumbed the anesthetic vultures.
They pressed their loaded beaks upon our backs until our knees bent

sour orange. One asked if we served the enemy, but we took enemy
to mean a seed that sits quietly underfoot, abashed to vestibule

the grating sun. Blindfolded, we faced the gloom volcanoes
of their mothers. How those mothers might’ve screamed like ours

in their tortured independence: bloody thunder in the brown-starched
symphonies, a wind that howled & shoved its thumbs through feral lands

probing for judgment or commiseration. Chingado god that copycatted
these legs from monotony. Chingado god that hewed our wrists,

a pair of stems to strap behind our wrested boots & jeans. Whoever
supplied a plea to that deviant afternoon’s rationed blessings

neglected to add chile, sazón, a nosegay of tortillas to the long road.
Mothers who’ve come to reclaim our tongues in the dirt: remind us

of the braids in the phrasings of our dreams before we vanished. Pat
the ground for the bodkinned orchids. Wasn’t it yesterday we were

siphoning forecasts with our fingers roving on the table? Or caught
your chests pain-leavened & stilled them with the rumpus of our hopes?

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  1. from Wikipedia, about gauze:

    Etymology and history

    The word came into English from the French gaze. According to the French government's online etymological dictionary, the English form of the word is derived from the French, whose ultimate origin word is uncertain, but is often attributed to the Arabic and Persian word qazz ("raw silk"), which itself was obtained from the name of the city of Gaza. The same source says the existence of "an ancient textile industry in Gaza is not assured," and that it is not known how the word entered into widespread use in European languages, with examples of first usages cited being the medieval Latin forms garza in Bologna in 1250 and gazzatum in Budapest in 1279. Gauze was traditionally woven in the Gaza region of the land of Palestine. The English word is said to derive from the place name for Gaza (Arabic: غزة ghazza), a center of weaving in the region. Despite a prohibition on trade with non-Christians from religious authorities in medieval Europe, a fine type of silk known as gazzatum was imported from Gaza as early as the 13th century. Though members of religious orders in Europe were forbidden to wear it, the fabric won a place for itself and emerged into modern life as gauze.