Friday, November 17, 2023

Beauty Makes Me Hopeless. I Don't Care Anymore I Just Want to Get Away

Sideways though less so: I've stopped tweeting at my congressman, faux progressive, designated Democratic cracker-troller in congress, and Zionist genocidaire because why bother, professional Democrats would vote for the vilest cracker before they'd ever vote for anyone to the right of themselves. And a reminder: professional Democrats hate you more profoundly, more bone-deeply, more contemptuously than any cracker ever could

Just gouache and pencil on cold press. Sideways though more so: beyond Israel's parochial interests (genocide, ethnic cleansing of ALL of Gaza (shitty Zionish progaganda now claiming that Hamas' headquarters has been in SOUTH Gaza all along so kaboom) and stealing of Palestinian land in the West Bank), the macro of this American war of choice seems a desperate poot of imperial posturing at power, a western shitlord assertion of Hegemony Forever and a threat by demonstration: Us, Not You, or Death to Everyone, and beyond that a concerted effort to both prepare us for the Wars to the Death and to train us on the upcoming new enforcements of our complete Complicity or imprisonment and if necessary execution

A Textbook Case of Genocide
Genocide Joe and the Electoralists
"There is no coming back from this, no returning to the days of US imperialism & the myths of American exceptionalism"
Hillary Clinton Is Lying About the History Between Hamas and Israel
Democrats Sent Police to Attack a Jewish-Led Protest for Palestine
"The extraordinary illiberal crackdown on advocacy for Palestine over the past months is teaching some important lessons about free speech in the US. Just last night, for example, we saw what happens when peaceful protesters engage in civil disobedience at Democratic Party headquarters: cops beat the shit out of them"
US will take massive hit in global standing over Israel
Canadian liberals suck too, my wife has Canadian citizenship, why would I want to move to America North?
NO ENDGAME IN GAZABBC thoroughly pissed off Israeli propaganda laughably shitty and making BBC propaganda look laughably shitty
Laughably shitty Zionist propaganda
Anne Boyer resigns as poetry editor of NYT Magazine
"I can’t write about poetry amidst the "reasonable" tones of those who aim to acclimatize us to this unreasonable suffering. No more ghoulish euphemisms. No more verbally sanitized hellscapes. No more warmongering lies"
Are we in a countdown to all-out nuclear war?
The Vermin Libel And The Danger Of Forgetting
Labor’s Upsurge and the Search for Workers’ Power
Today in Fuck the Motherfucking English!
Elephants give each other unique names
This is true: I dropped acid many a time in the basement of Ratner's house before it was converted into the museum, Sandy and Sharon, a married couple and charter members of ePod (Elric can vouch) rented the basement apartmentNo More Leaves
On Renee Gladman's *Ravicka Trilogy*
Hunger for colourWhy we write
Our shitlords are sideways at how we are different sideways to the sideways they want us to be, uh-oh


Anne Carson

Beauty makes me hopeless. I don't care why
anymore I just want to get away. When I
look at the city of Paris I long to wrap my
legs around it. When I watch you dancing
there is a heartless immensity like a sail-
or in a dead calm sea. Desires as round as
peaches bloom in me all night, I no longer
gather what falls


  1. a commentary on the political scene in the great multicultural north, contrasting canadian reactionaries with the noble peoples around the world who have struggled fiercely against imperialism

    The masses of China, Vietnam, Iran, Cuba, Palestine, and other historically oppressed nations, whatever one personally thinks of their current political systems, have deep histories of profound national and class struggle. The noble peoples of these lands have learned to struggle fiercely against colonialism and imperialism. Countries which have liberated themselves from the stranglehold of foreign domination will not easily allow themselves to be conquered once more. This is why millions of people around the world have protested in defense of the Palestinian cause, which is the great anti-imperialist struggle of our time.

    The Canadian bourgeoisie, descendants of the counter-revolutionary British loyalists, attract like a magnet many of the world’s counter-revolutionaries. Canada has always taken special care to import and assimilate noxious reactionaries who gleefully support the devastation and exploitation of the world’s working class and oppressed nations.

  2. 1/

    states that, in her opinion, the generation gap in attitudes toward israel/palestine in anglophone societies is not because the young are more ignorant, but because they are less brainwashed

    2/speaking of opinions, opinionator maureen dowd of the new york times states she regards political figure david axelrod, who recently went public with his opinion that biden should not run again in 2024, as a mensch - contrary to the recently reported remark of genocide joe describing "the axe" as a prick

    3/We got the right to know, which means
    We got the right to misunderstand
    And slant the plan to help our hand and man
    They call it a culture, but it sucks you in like quicksand

  3. Wishing you and those around you a good Thanksgiving. Be Well.