Wednesday, January 3, 2024

A Link Between Shame and Mercy, People Who Lack the One Lack the Other

First self-portrait of 2024, state of mind starting the year, not completely on fire yet. Gouache, watercolor ink, acrylic ink, fountain pen ink. clear elmer's glue. Will compare to first of 2025 if world (probably, or at least the earth) and me (maybe) are still here then

Hey, remember that Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and stealing of Palestinian lands that the US government desperately wants you to ignore and forget (and will ramp up and accelerate crackers crackering to distract you) and is genuinely unto performability pissed at Israel for not only gleefully reminding you of it but grossly celebrating it? Still happening. Life in Kayfabelessstan when all shitlord effort directed at breaking kayfabe and insisting it hasn't, it's you, you fucking hippie. This will be the shittiest political year of our lives since the last until the next. If the world and I'm here this date 2025 some iteration of this post, one year angrier, one year deeper in doo

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Anne Carson

Shame requires
the eyes of others
unlike guilt. The eyes
of Elijah the Tishbite saw
in Jezebel a person with much
to be ashamed of. There is a link
between shame and mercy people who 
lack the one lack the other. No one could
relax around Jezebel. Psychoanalysts say that
shame ruins your capacity for reverie by making cracks
in the mind where it is dangerous for thoughts to wander. In
the end Jezebel's own eunuchs throw her off the parapet. Her blood is on the wall
     and on the horses

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