Tuesday, January 9, 2024

It’s Not Who You Are But Who You Are and Can’t Undo

Did I mention here or just at the other place I'm destroying all of my old journals and most of my art, below are two from 2012 about to go into shredder, I forget when I stopped using Egoslavia as bleggal identifier, maybe five years ago? Canary, Weathervane, Cassandra, Fool? Maybe three years ago?

Professional and rank-and-file Democrats tell me criticizing the Genocidaire-in-Chief of America while he trumpwashes his genocide in a cracker-attacked Black church is WAY WORSE! than the genocide itself and that *I* will be held personally accountable when said Genocidaire-in-Chief loses his reelection to the turd who's the darling of our batshit crazy sociopath shitlords. When, I ask myself, I'm done shredding all paper evidence against me, will I stop filling the cloud with unerasable evidence against me that our batshit crazy sociopath shitlords will use when they turn the new Genocidaire-in-Chief on me?

Timestamped: I tweeted the word *TRUMPWASHING* viz Genocide Joe, trademark
So totally not a sadistic massacre, gleeful genocide, and totally totally not enthusiastic ethnic cleansing
Let’s Discuss Israel And Gaza Again
"This war an embarassment for the Israelis. It shows they can’t protect the settlers, they can’t win against Hamas and they can’t stop Hezbollah from striking settlements. It’s just embarassment all around. They want to widen the war and get Iran and the US into it, but they overestimate the US: the US can’t send ships into the Gulf and expect to leave. Most of its regional allies would be unwilling to let it run its airforce off their airfields, and the US can devastate Lebanon but it can’t stop Hezbollah from devastating Tel Aviv"
GENOCIDE IN GAZABiden administration's response to Joe's genocide!
The Epidemiological War on Gaza
Economists invented austerity and paved the way to fascism
As workers ate lunch today, CEOs had already earned the equivalent of their annual salary
The Great Breaking of Kayfabe
Virginia's cracker Attorney General
The Meaning of EpsteinBatshitlord, trademarked
What the fuck is up with Lloyd Austin?
The 1st Amendment Will Not Save You
Let’s Seize This Opportunity to Destroy Harvard!
Maggie's weekly{ feuilleton }'s weekly
RIP, Phill NiblockThree hours of Niblock


Jack Underwood

As a fire axe waits in its little shop window
As a tongue returns raw to the lozenge
It’s not your fault you’re like this, but you are
As consternation at the departure gate
As drinking water to find it creamy
As the linseed head of an ant might contain
                a social code in play
As suffering comes home from work
                with the same names as yesterday
As you forget to taste
As you borrow a sigh from the same cubic meters of air
As a too-slow handshake might signal sarcasm
It’s not who you are but who you are and can’t undo
As you shit in a room without water
As you cry in a room without light
We send our love
We send an invoice attached as requested
As if everything were intended for you


  1. 1/i listened to part of the oboe piece

    2/speaking of lessons in writing, i came across a reference to a book on the topic by kurt vonnegut and his former student, suzanne mcconnell - unfortunately, my public library offers me a chance to listen to it, not to read it - it's twelve hours long - neither author is the narrator

    the title is appealing - pity the reader: on writing with style

    3/something else i encountered wandering on the web - a song written and sung by the bassist of the band "lake street dive" - "dear ringo" - an apology to her son that never was for never being his mother - an undoing that [according to the song]* can't be undone

    *the singer herself is in the neighborhood of 40 - late to have a first child, but potentially still feasible


  2. What I think, with increasing frequency and confidence: what we are seeing in the Realpolitikal skies above our naive little Serfy lives are the esoteric signs of conflicts between two, or more, fairly discreet Powers.

    The Normies think everything is simply the way it is reported to be... that's a given. And the hipper radicals assume that The Man is a monolithic-though-largely-hidden landlord of the farm, culling and breeding and branding us. However: real nuts like me would posit that "The Man" is not a monolith and that we are seeing signs, of all kinds of celestial struggles, showing that several mutually-antithetical interests are at war, indicated when certain agendas are advanced and then (mysteriously) hamstrung with (in) convenient "leaks" or "October surprises" and betrayals.
    Close-watchers of Schwab and the WEF, for example, got a little thrill when Kissinger humiliated Schwab, in public, on the matter of Russia, in 2023 or 2022 (seems like 20 years ago already). Did Schwab's black star dim a little at that moment? It could explain a few things...

    A prior example: Der Bumble Trump was granted quite a bit of fame, aka Political Currency, for quite a long time ( c. 40 years), before his Emperor Caligula phase. Why? HRC hungered for the throne of 2016 and thought she was a shoe-in for years before that and her then-buddy Trump, who was probably coached to act as "unelectable" as humanly possible, was clearly seen, by HRC-friendly strategists, as the perfect way to weaken the opposition and grease her way into the throne. I think HRC's reported reaction, when Der Bumble shockingly pipped her at the gate ("What a world, what a world!") (not unlike Jesse Jackson's reaction when BHO pipped *him* as the first POTUSOC) , is more than plausible. It was a well-executed triple-cross. This is the era of the Triple Cross, I think.
    Ditto with Bibi's escapade. Bibi thought tone-deaf war drums, and a little bloody Hamas-sauce, was exactly what he needed to fix some very sick polling numbers (among other things). Hamas was only expected to be a reasonably-effective Boogieman, then take an L, and make Bibi a "hero". But Bibi's perfectly under control "controlled opposition" Turrurris executed a perfect triple-cross and opened the gates of Hell, turning out to be an effective army and on-message brand ambassadors, destroying both IDF prestige, and Israel's 80 years of banked moral credit, in a few weeks. IDF soldiers, who'd spent their 20s beating up unarmed 12-year-old Palestinians, and feeling like Iron Man, were suddenly fighting righteously-rage-filled martyrs to a 75-year-old cause and crying for their X-Boxes, their Gaming Chairs, their favorite slippers...

    Well, who knows? What did the grasshoppers in your grandparents' garden make of the croquet you played there every June...? How did the grasshoppers (mis)interpret the thunder?

    In any case, it's not that I think we're seeing discreetly confusing signs of a heavenly battle between Good and Evil.

    I think it's more that various T-Rexes and Brontosauri and Godzillas are fighting to see who gets to eat us. And how, whoever finally gets to do it, will do so, and whether the eating will be insanely fast or wisely slow.

    1. 1/with regard to energy incorporation, as mentioned in the last paragraph here - brontosauri are herbivorous, and while the film record on godzilla is inconsistent, one informed view of the most evolved version of godzilla is that the source of sustenance is radiation

      What Does Godzilla EAT? - Godzilla: Monster Planet

      2/with regard to speed of consumption, see


      Nate [Hagens] describes the Carbon Pulse – a one time massive consumption of fossil hydrocarbons at a pace millions of times faster than they were created. He outlines the many shapes that this pulse could take, as well as some shapes it will never take. Compared to previous carbon pulses that led to mass and minor extinctions, how does the modern pulse compare? What can what we know about ecology and human behavior tell us about the most likely paths into descent? Can thinking about these graphs on such grand geologic time scales help guide us away from the Precipice and towards a more Sapient Future?

  3. who you are and can't undo might remind someone of are we ourselves? a song by the fixx, a new wave rock band from london, england, who had much greater chart success in the states than back home

    another of their hits that got radio airplay was saved by zero

    i enjoyed this song back then but had no idea of its connection to buddhist philosophy and practice - however, this week i read at wikipedia:

    "Saved by Zero" features a repetitive, jittery staccato guitar riff and corresponding bass. It features a soothing yet haunting presentation with its ghostly vocals and dark atmosphere. Lyrically, "Saved by Zero" is a reference to the Buddhist mantra Śūnyatā. Fixx lead vocalist Cy Curnin reflected on its meaning in a 2008 interview:

    "It was about looking at your own life, not so much about amassing material things but about experiences that lend you to be blissful... The song was written from the point of view of the release you get when you have nothing left to lose. It’s sort of a meditation. It clears your head of all fears and panics and illusions and you get back to the basics, which is a Buddhist mantra, which I practiced back then, and which I still do. The idea of the song is how great it is to get back to zero."