Monday, March 4, 2024

Tripping an Automated Shutdown in the Casing and Halting All External Workings of the Moist Robot I Inhabit at the Moment

Joe Biden airlifting food to the people he bombs. Shitlords have decided, Trump it will be, Democrats busting ass to get it done. Kidding, they like to lose, love the pay. Rest of the monologue, as always, transmitted via grid. A year ago this week, at the encouragement of my wife and daughter, I gathered a bunch of my square placemats to submit to a contest, thank the fucking lord I talked my self out of that shit

Full size HERE. There *has* changed though work still to do before it’s here. Manic sideways, me, my apologies, I’m desperate to find solutions I’m too lazy to seek

THE SHOAH AFTER GAZA"Those driven to scan Joe Biden’s face for some sign of mercy, some sign of an end to bloodletting, find an eerily smooth hardness, broken only by a nervous little smirk when he blurts out Israeli lies about beheaded babies. Biden’s stubborn malice and cruelty to the Palestinians is just one of many gruesome riddles presented to us by Western politicians and journalists"
On *Chaos* FramingOur shitlords are sociopaths
"The point of New York Times and CNN both using "chaotic" to describe a historic massacre of starving people swarming food is to reduce initial viral outrage by downplaying its intentional, inexcusable nature"
Aaron Bushnell and the age of immolation
"Hard to fault the NYT here from following the logic of their own Israel coverage and deciding that the longterm smart, just and fair response was racially profiling their community and exerting massively disproportionate power on any dissent at the expense of most of what it purports to stand for."
The Story Behind the New York Times October 7 Exposé
AIPAC uncorks $100 million war chest to sink progressive candidates
A frantic attempt at imperial containment
Prestige media stooges can't wait to blame you for Biden's defeat
Vital reminderMarching in the pouring rain
"One has to be impressed by the chutzpah of a political party that has “returning the consequentiality to sex” as a core policy goal, but is also nominating as their presidential candidate a serial philanderer and rapist who has sired children with multiple women"
"There's something utterly bizarre about the Democratic Party's inability to campaign against something like this. They're never reluctant to use feminism as marketing, but are absolutely terrified of substantive feminist politics.
"MAGA is a magnet for all the anxieties unloosed by the decay of an antiquated industrial capitalism"
"It doesn’t matter if most people hate you, as long as your 40 percent is fanatically committed"
Mighty contagious absence{ feuilleton }'s
#1378: Colors in Ever Changing Conversations Dissolving the Prison Bars of Capitalism and State.
The Institute for Illegal Images
Maggie's weeklyMarathon time at WFMU
Open and closedVocation search
Dalkey should be shipping me at least two*Miss McIntosh, My Darling*s, if true if you want one let me know


Nick Laird

More than ample a deadfall of one meter eighty to split
my temple apart on the herringbone parquet and crash
the operating system, tripping an automated shutdown

in the casing and halting all external workings of the moist
robot I inhabit at the moment: I am out cold and when
my eyes roll in again I sit on the edge of the bed and tell

you just how taken I am with the place I’d been, had been
compelled to leave, airlifted mid-gesture, mid-sentence, risen
of a sudden like a bubble or its glisten or a victim snatched

and bundled out, helplessly, from sunlight, the usual day,
and all particulars of life there fled except the sense that stays
with me for hours and hours that I was valuable and needed there.

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  1. as erik baker writes in one of the linked articles, "our civilization is based on combustion - the relentless extraction and incineration of ever-expanding quantities of fuel"

    however, that "ever-expanding" will at some point begin to diminish

    here's 3 minutes of Arthur Berman discussing with Nate Hagens the big effect of small changes in oil availability

    see also