Monday, April 8, 2024

Who In the World Despises Our Work as Much as We Do?

Who I'd like to be:

Who I am:

Will never be like the one at the top and terrified on dark days I will never be anyone but the one directly above (and terrified I will cowardly stop being the one directly above). Current plan which will never happen is no digital in Maine for two weeks this summer beyond phone in case a loved one needs to reach me, my dreaming about doing this fully aware I'm incapable of doing so just punishment as is thinking if I can get through 2024 then 2025 will be less electric by dint of recent election and I can be less compulsively sideways as if I don't enjoy being sideways but just can't help it, witness this grid I just harvested, something's gotta change, I just wish I have an alternative to yes but for the worse

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"Importantly, it is not *remotely* unusual for people to care about issues/causes that don’t benefit them materially, or cost them. It only surprises those trapped in a paradigm of “interest” derived from classical political economy that never described how people really behave."
Also too: because it reminds us that there but for privilege is me and mine and will be delivered upon us when we lose that privilege
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John Ashbery

We need more data r: our example, earth - how it would behave in a 
crisis, under pressure,
or simply on a day no one had staked out for unrest
to erupt. What season would fit its lifestyle
most naturally? Who would the observers, the control group be?

For this we must seek the answer in decrepit cinemas
whose balconies were walled off decades ago: on the screen
(where, in posh suburbia, a woman waits)
under the seats, in the fuzz and ancient vomit and gumwrappers;
or in the lobby, where yellowing lobby cards announce
the advent of next week's Republic serial: names
of a certain importance once, names that float
in the past, like a drift of gnats on a summer evening.

Who in the world despises our work
as much as we do? I was against campaigning again,
then my phone started ringing off the hook. I tell you...
But to come back to us, sanded down to the finer grain
and beyond - this is what books teach you, but also
what we must do. Make a name, somehow,
in the wall of clouds behind the credits, like a
twenty-one-vehicle pileup on a fog-enclosed highway.
This is what it means to be off and running, off
one's nut as well. But in a few more years,
with time off for good behavior...


  1. this week missus charley and I got our Maryland primary mail in ballots and we have agreed to mail them in with uncommitted on the presidential slot - to send a message, one might say

    also I participated in what was presented as a political opinion survey phone call, but which I concluded was a push poll for the woman running for my congressional district who is the wife of my former congressperson - maybe I will vote for a non-plutocrat candidate - just for personal reasons, I don't expect anything I do to make any difference in the public sphere

    may the Creative Forces of the Universe stand beside us, and guide us, through the Night with the Light from Above - and have mercy on our souls, if any