Monday, April 15, 2024

Exchanging Skin for Bark, Bark for Scales, Scales for Hollow Bones of a Bird

Magachoads chant *Genocide Joe, Genocide Joe* at a Trump rally in Pennsylvania this past weekend and they are not wrong. You can support Israel blindly and attack Biden for blindly supporting Israel. Reminder: those of us who do not support Israel blindly and attack Biden for blindly supporting Israel are the evil fucks destroying America and ushering in World War 3

Hinkiest war ever (except for those killed, maimed, orphaned, and starved, etc)...

Decision from an Idiot: the wordpress will remain main hexjeff platform, the hexjeff blooger sent to minors, archive when dope remembers. Idiot promises himself he will learn how to widen the center column of the wordpress hexjeff platform though doesn't promise you he will. Hey, make sure you click the link in grid to understand why Linda Thompson called her new album *Proxy Music.* 

Meanwhile, one of my favorite novelists and essayists now writing neither novels or essays but has taken up painting and is only posting drawings and paintings so I sympathize with yinz tolerating me, I'm happy he's happy

Decision from an Idiot: this Sparklehorse song may already be one of this blog's Theme Songs, I don't remember, I may have wanted to already but didn't because of the youtube black blockage before, *I Fucked It Up* it's called, and I certainly don't remember what number it already was and if it wasn't yet what number it will be and don't know how many Theme Songs there are now and certainly couldn't name them all much less get them in the correct order. Bleggalgaze scratched. Regulars know what abounds and in what condition

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Jane Hirshfield

Today, my hope is vertical.
Tomorrow it will be horizontal.
The next day, cloudy.
My hope is like a Greek myth:
exchanging skin for bark,
bark for scales,
scales for the hollow bones of a bird.
In these ways my hope
attempts to escape its fate.
In myth, hope surely knows,
escape is useless.
Still, hope will try.
I, who will someday leave behind
this three-dimensioned puzzle,
pity my hope.
Poorling, I say to my hope,
even I cannot spare you,
even I cannot make you mortal.
Winged, rooted, finned,
roofed or roofless,
of all my shapes, only you, hope,
know nothing of irony,
only you cannot be cynical
or cloak yourself
in the objectivity of grammar.
Only you
cannot suffer suffering.
You exempt, you deny,
you protest with speech and with silence.
You forgive—helpless to not—
in speech and in silence.
I, citizen of perspective,
born into the tribe of time,
will vanish into its blurring distance.
But you—most intransigent,
most stubborn of all my parts—
will be forced to continue.
How tenderly, with two open hands,
you reach again today for hunger’s apple.


  1. today i went to the gaithersburg mva office to turn in the license plates for the 26 year old car spouse and self donated to the bluegrass country foundation

    in front of the building two old guys had a table with lyndon larouche literature - the movement has outlasted the man himself, by at least a few years

    we chatted for a bit, mutually agreeing that negotiations were better than war

    at the end of the conversation i quoted jane goodall's recent metaphorical remark to the effect that humankind is entering a very, very long, very, very dark - and i would add very, very narrow - tunnel

    not that expressing such a sentiment is likely to have any practical effect - but you never know when something surprising might happen

  2. RE: UnHerd's critique of the partisan interpretations of Sydney "Whoever The Fuck That Is" Sweeney's TT's (Torso Topologies): Murrkka, it cracks me up! Protected under its Iron Dome of fairytales, bullshit, evasions, lies of omissions, Orwell-speak, Bizarro-narratives, euphemisms, reverse psychology and Big Fat Porkies, even when Murrkka's fancy explainers "get frank," they mangle the Truth. Here's the Truth: Lizzo was never really an aspirational beauty and/or sexual ideal. That much never changed. Everyone plays along for a while and then their minds wander and the memory-plastic snaps back to its original shape. That's what SS's TT's "mean".

    SOME good came of that social engineering Fata Morgana, though! A) I have never seen so many "forward" (sassy? self-confident?) "Big" girls, out and about, in my life. I say "girls" because I mean the 15-25 crowd. Well dressed and strutty. I see record numbers of these girls, where I am (Berlin), strutting around with thinner, not-bad-looking Doods. I suspect a secret, mutually-beneficial psychosexual transaction was catalyzed by the "WOKE" wave: the Doods no longer felt obligated to simp for Barbies, the "big" girls harvested this newly-reasonable crop of Doods. Lots of these couples would otherwise have suffered apart and alone, I believe (still no hope for "big" boys, though, sadly). And B) before "WOKE" I very (very) rarely saw Blacks (largely Africans), with public jobs other than as dishwashers. The only pre-WOKE Black faces, in ads, here, appeared in billboards for German charities. Now you see Black faces in fashion ads and Black people working as cashiers in German supermarkets and very attractive interracial couples in movies and on TV without Harry-and-Petula boycotts! Miraculous!

    It's analagous to (and nearly rhymes, as a cycle, with) the Cold War social engineering, of the 1960s, that inadvertently gave us, along with the intended and pernicious bullshit of Murrkka-Numba-One-ism... mountains of books and music and paintings and non-Hollywood films we could really, really use.

    I'll take it however I can get it, so, Thanks, Overlords!

  3. jag bhalla recent wrote

    the following paragraph caught my attention

    Buddha held that “greed corrupts the mind.” It’s central to the unholy trinity—greed, hatred, and delusion—that spawn human suffering. [Stephen] Bachelor says the Buddha was primarily an ethicist and a psychologist. His followers later took a metaphysical turn, but “nirvana” didn’t originally mean some transcendent state. It first meant living here and now, liberated from greed, hatred, and delusion while acting on the practical compassion dharma demands. This earthly nirvana could be directly experienced whenever the unholy trinity was inactive. That’s true not only for spiritual athletes or saintly ascetics but for ordinary folk in the bustle of everyday life.