Monday, May 6, 2024

Dear F*ckface, Everyone Thinks You're the Goddess of Compassion but I Nnow You Also Have Piles & a Scarcely Controlled Urge to Sing for a Living

Feb 19

Alice Notley

Dear Fuckface,
    Everyone thinks you're
the Goddess of Compassion
but I know you also have
piles & a scarcely controlled
urge to sing for a living.
So much for you. Here
everything is stupid as I
have a dwindling flu
which necessitates my
finally paying attention to
my dwindling pocketbook.
How about some bucks,
Goddess Baby? any amount
above five I'd appreciate &
continue to light at your
altar the incense I steal
from the neo-Rocky Mountain
healthfood store. I 
still like you either way,


Side effects of Life in the Clusterfuckocene since October 2023:

  1. All I paint are self-portrait headshots but now I painted one with legs and feet trying to run from Life in the Clusterfuckocene
  2. I tried rereading Vollmann's *The Royal Family* and it sucked, I blame me
  3. I tried reading a new novel about a guy working with zoo animals multiple friends recommended and quickly foresaw animal misery and pain and disease and anguish and death and no, no no no, I credit me
  4. I tried rereading Pynchon's *Against the Day* and it sucked, I blame me
  5. I tried reading Seuss' new collection *Modern Poetry* and it sucked, I blame me
  6. I tried reading McSweeney's new collection *Death Styles* and it sucked, I blame me
  7. I have listened, in chronological order, to all Swans albums
  8. I am reading, in chronological order, all of the ridiculously prolific Alice Notley's poetry
  9. I am relieved to hear the one person I really don't want to talk to about the clusterfuck (those of you who were at C and I's wedding know her as "who *was* that woman") is moving to Arizona
  10. I cannot, who never could resists collecting links, really can't stop collecting clusterfuckocene links. the more clusterfuckful the better
  11. I need reiterate on a daily basis in real life and every post in this shitty blog's life just how freaking hinky and fake this war is and subsequently blurt that our shitlords are defuckinglighted and see this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to re-paradigm everyfucking thing
  12. Poetry I write today is obsolete tomorrow
  13. I am playing the best disc golf of my life since I switched to DX plastic for everything but putter
  14. I can only process Life in the Clusterfuckocene through painting and because I can only process Life in the Clusterfuckocene through painting I think my painting far more good than it is and this is an excellent fucking metaphor for Life in the Clusterfuckocene

I was gifted the black paper above and have not thought about buying some beyond thinking about it and honestly saying nah. I am considering making the side-effects of Life in the Clusterfuckocene an ongoing gag especially now that I've abandoned so many gags I know I am not morally obligated to continue them. May I reiterate again that our shitlords are prepping us for our enshittification, encrapification, immiseration, and elimination in World War Three?

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FEB 18

Alice Notley

Dear Reginald,
     I still love your body
most aberrantly being con-
sumed with hatred of your
loathesome soul which
refuses to lend me your
body for a single violet
evening of your stay at
our picturesque little
resort which is all that
we have here except for
too briefly you - I keep
your lost or castoff cig-
arette holder the ivory one
with me always but
you are mean, mean, 
mean! Jesus & Buddha
are made nervous &
sad by your cruelty to
humanity, me -



  1. 1/keep painting

    2/i was interested to read the "about" of - he is canadian by birth and university education - his k-12 years were in ohio, so he's had lots of experience in nortth america, but as an adult returned to sri lanka, land of his ancestors

    3/somewhere today i was reading that the russians, unlike some other countries, during world war ii did not incinerate whole cities by bombing them from the air - there are always reasons, although we don't always understand them



  2. I try to imagine what it may be like to be the Other Tom, who understands what he's doing in postmodern fiction -- breaking some new ground; this all started in the early Sixties, ya know -- and writing because it's as gratifying as all get out and when he does it understands that this is what he was born to do. Nothing else will provide that sensation of completeness and imagination and getting to the bottom of things. Plus jokes.

    Now, in addition to that, he has an exceptionally clear intuition of how The World Actually Works. Beyond the high school civics class view of America, the nominal acceptance of good guys / bad guys, good religions / bad religions, and Business is good for you. A way of Seeing that borders on the mystic, and all, all of it accessible and translatable through his ability to write it down.

    It probably feels normal. Happy Birthing Day, Tom.