Thursday, May 2, 2024

In This Fraudulent World What Will Come of You and Me?

Also too!

Bamster from Heltsville, Happy Birthday! 

New this last three years ago! Hamster takes in the view from the balcony of his new condo in our Beloved front yard dogwood's tree knot!

NEW IN 2024!



  1. 1/i played the "devil's hamster" youtube

    2/after it was done youtube offered me a 3 by 4 matrix of other videos - i clicked on

    3/i enjoyed both songs

    4/speaking of the devil, yesterday i saw a video in which ringo starr said his grandmother's superstition about lefthandedness was the reason why he writes with his right hand - but everything else he does with his natural hand

    in 3rd or 4th grade a teacher suggested i try writing with the right hand - after a couple of weeks i went back to my leftist ways

    5/yesterday the novel ishmael by daniel quinn was checked out from my local public library by me
    because it was recommended by the planetary limits academic network, of which i am now a subscriber

    the founders of this network include professors of sustainability, fashion studies, anthropology, environmental studies, and physics

  2. and speaking of fashion studies, this appears in the bloglist on the left of this page:

  3. Thanks, bdr!! WOW on the Pere Ubu!!!

    1. That cage is a devil's game, glad you ain't gonna turn that wheel no more

      Hike and dinner on us when we get back from Michigan