Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Ideas Are Still the Same, and They Expand to Fill Vast Antique Cubes

Crocus Behemoth's birthday is the day after tomorrow, Friday the 14th, he'll be seventy, today is Danny Husk's 65th birthday

Now NOT an ongoinggag, or at least now now-and-then and NOT an obsessive always as once, Pere Ubu, Two Pale Boys, and all David Thomas projects were and are one of two permanent members of My Silly-Ass Deserted Island Five Game for music, and if I don't deliberately play Pere Ubu now (as I don't Kate Bush, the other of two) it's not divorce but not needing to play, not boredom with the music, I can play any song I want in my head when I want to hear one, and ones begin playing in my head without my putting quarters in my mind's jukebox. But choose an album and put it on and listen end-to-end, no, no no no

This is true also of some of the innermost circle of musicians and bands that shuffle in and out of the three rotating seats in MSADI5G - I don't need to play Lindsay Buckingham or Grateful Dead or George Harrison or Roxy Music or the first five Peter Gabriel solo albums or New Order or The Fall or Swans or PJ Harvey or This Heat or Morton Feldman or Shostakovich or Richard Thompson or XTC of any of the dozens I'm forgetting, and I'm getting close to never needing to play Destroyer and Lambchop, at least the older albums, ever again. I have no idea who the three members of the rotating seats are now and have no interest in thinking about it and less than zero interest in naming the current three

Was at that show in Harrisburg. I hadn't planned on making a standalone birthday post of Thomas on Friday - that's another ongoinggag, the birthday standalones, I've ceased honoring the obligatory - though if there IS a post on Friday I'll play more Pere Ubu or a Two Pale Boys song, but I doubt there will be a post since my daughter will be in town and I'm spending time with her tomorrow through Saturday, I'm almost 65 myself, am I finally weening myself from the ongoinggag that is this shitty blog (while insisting still that every post IS a poem)? I tell myself I'd like to kill the clusterfucklust that relentlessly drives my mind and imagine a year of me and mine homesteading digitalessly and know I'd last a week. Bleggalgazing remains an ongoinggag and the reason this shitty blog won't shut the fuck up. Scott Thompson has one of five permanent seats in My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game for favorite Kids in the Hall members, and Buddy Cole is 65 today

"Obscure Jewish heretic whose execution by occupying empire creates new religion that spends 1500 years killing Jews then helps them found nation state in order to hasten their conversion to new religion thanked by Jewish citizen of nation state for backing their own occupation"
Biden Admin Endorses Trump’s Saudi Foreign Policy
When I yodel about how hinky the Gazan War is a key component is (a) how much the Saudis are driving the bus and (b) how in a world of shitlord blabbermouths the uniformity of silence about the Saudi role is hinky as fuck
"The collapse of a global hegemon is always an extremely dangerous time"
Israel and the Misjudgement of Reality
"Every Democrat taking AIPAC donations is a right-wing sociopath disrupting US democracy"
Democrats when Trump is doing something bad VS Democrats when Biden is doing the same thing
"It reveals something deeply disturbing about our Christianity when we demand the government enforce the most literal and harsh interpretations of the few Bible verses about human sexuality, yet oppose the government carrying out any of the +3,000 verses about caring for the poor"
Read the comments and see how many are angry and genuinely resent caring for the poor of a different hue than themselves
"No longer trying to ‘avoid World War III,’ Biden floats nuclear arms race"
Counterpoint: Hillary Clinton FULLY grasps the moral power of this turning tide
"Blinken Going Around Saying Bibi Invented This Ceasefire Proposal While Bibi Says He Would Never Accept It Is Some Serious Weird Shit"
ISRAEL'S DESCENTEuphemizing Genocide
"When Israel Burned Refugees Alive, Establishment Media Called It a ‘Tragic Accident’"
Anyone even slightly surprised by this is complicit in the crimes
"The FBI will bring felony charges against a doctor accused of leaking the private health data of transgender youth to Chris Rufo. Dr. Eithan Haim has admitted to leaking partially redacted medical records he accessed while working as a resident at Texas Children’s Hospital"
On professional wrestling and American politics
Reason infinity times twenty to hate CVS and reminder to NEVER shop there
Maggie'sweeklyThe US numbered highway system in numerical order
African elephants address one another with individually specific name-like calls
Mixing (or ignoring) metaphors{ feuilleton }'s
The history of Maryland's lost city
Yes, Ashbery is one of two or three permanent members of my poets' MSADI5G and I *am* still constantly and compulsively and happily rereading them poems over-and-over (even if I haven't yet got my "It hurts this wanting to give a dimension to life when life is precisely that dimension tattoo")
Remembering Françoise Hardy
Actually, I can name one of the current three rotating members of MSADI5G and I do play his albums end-to-end often:


John Ashbery

It is true that I can no longer remember very well
the time when we first began to know each other.
However, I do remember very well
the time we first met. You walked in sunlight,
holding a daisy. You said, "Children make unreliable witnesses."

Now, so long after that time,
I keep the spirit of it throbbing still.
The ideas are still the same, and they expand
to fill vast, antique cubes

My daughter was reading one just the other day.
She said, "How like the pellucid statues, Daddy. Or like a...
an engine"

In this house of blues the cold creeps stealthily upon us.
I do not do what I fantasize doing.
With time the blue congeals into roomlike purple
that takes the shape of alcoves, landings...
Everything is like something else.
I should have waited before I learned this.

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  1. 0/one reads or hears or watches the news today, oh boy

    0.1/nevertheless, all one has to decide is what to do with the time that is given us

    1/speaking of the u.s. numerical highway system, i am so old that when my family lived in falls church, virginia, beginning in 1955, and we began automobile visits to my maternal grandparents in framingham, massachusetts, my father drove us through the streets of baltimore on our way

    1.5/the blogger big bad bald bastard also had framingham grandparents

    1.6/there's a framingham drive in montgomery county, maryland, off of goshen road

    1.7/like triadelphia, montgomery county, now submerged, some villages in massachusetts also are at the bottom of a reservoir - a poem memorializing them is quoted - without permission, but with attribution - in a series of comments left at

    1.8/when I read the poem

    Letting Swift River Go

    Jane Yolen
    Little, Brown and Company
    Boston New York Toronto London

    it crossed my mind it might have been autobiographical - no, not literally, just well imagined - a prolific writer, yolen has a biography and a bibliography at wikipedia

    2/all things must pass away