Monday, June 17, 2024

Why Are We Forever Afraid of Bathtubs, of Water Hitting Us in the Face Like the Invisible Stoning of an Anonymous Crowd

Had a wonderful long drive with my daughter day before yesterday, of all the people I know in real life no one understands and shares and exceeds at times my clusterfuckangstandanger more than my daughter (and son-in-law: it's them who will endure and maybe survive the coming decades, not me), but I'm like

and she, who does not digitally baste in the clusterfuck like I do, is like

They are now glued back-to-back. Failed another novel, a reread of Vollmann's *Royal Family,* I'd like to blame my eyes and my age but my attention span in the clusterfuckocene more to blame than both combined (I also abandoned McCarthy's *Child of God* halfway through but McCarthy shares half the blame, the book, after reading the Border Trilogy and *Blood Meridian* years ago and especially after reading *Suttree* and *The Passenger* within the last year and a half, sucks). I can't try to quit the noise until I want to quit the noise and I'm nowhere near that but at least the thought has now crossed, if not lodged, in my mind

So, gridofangers for the foreseeable future. Starting a two week hexjeff hiatus I imposed on myself last week and plan to end tonight. Weeded the blogrolls - anyone who hasn't posted in three months shifted to one of the Moribund purgatories - W in Phoenix, Z in Milwaukee, this means you - so if any resurrect I'll see it. If there's anyone you're reading who you think I might like please send me the link (or the name of a novel, please, I need to fail a new one). When the bell rings at the circ desk I now count to ten before encountering the patron, imagine myself Fleabus drinking from instead of screaming at the bathtub faucet

Our shitlords will destroy the world before they give up their power
"NATO in talks to put nuclear weapons on standby"
"The New York Times owns a building in Jerusalem stolen from a Palestinian family during the Nakba"
"This focus on the speech used tο support Palestinian rights does more than obscure the context in which protesters are speaking; it also obscures the reality about which they speak. I believe in the power and importance of language. But what is happening is not primarily about language. Words are not weapons of mass destruction: when we encourage others to use language with care, we should be sure to do the same ourselves. Some metaphors are inappropriate in some contexts. The context here is a quantity of ammunition dropped on Gaza that is equivalent to more than three times that of the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. A high proportion of those bombs were US-made and supplied. Those bombs were not made of language, and they certainly were not metaphors"
"You're either living in the old world with Biden, Trump, Clinton, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, Jeffries, etc. who've all been bribed to provide legitimacy to Zionist lies, OR you're in the new world where we ignore ruling class attempts to manipulate us and we say "Free Palestine"
Enormous Shifts in Consciousness
"I’mma tell my grandchildren I watched a genocide for 9 months in real time, documented by the psychopaths themselves"
Israel's suicideSociopath mocks his victims
"The three devils - American Imperialism, Soviet Social Imperialism, Jewish Zionism" (watch Blinken's face)
House Republican Claims Every GOP Colleague Has an ‘AIPAC Babysitter’ Pressuring Them to Cast Pro-Israel Votes
Biden: it's not genocide/Zionists: fuck yeah it's genocide
"It sure is a crazy coincidence how western politicians and media always start urgently telling us about an invisible epidemic of left wing antisemitism every time western military ties to Israel are subjected to widespread public scrutiny"
Citibank Finances the Colonization of Palestine
"Further proof that this war has become an annuity for corrupt contractors"
Columbian president: What we found at ‘peace conference’ in Switzerland is that basically it’s an alignment on the side of war
One of the evilest motherfuckers of my lifetime
"If kids got raped by clowns as often as they get raped by preachers it would be against the law to take your kids to the circus"
Some Links And An Open Thread 2024-146
Maryland governor to pardon 175,000 marijuana convictions in sweeping order
Maggie's weeklyUnknown Language Number Nineteen
Downstream effects: The cautionary tale of the Mississippi River
He is the Most Dangerous Artifact in Human History
Liquified natural gasback fundi
I Swear It Wasn't Murder, It Was Involuntary Bug Slaughter Until I Mercy Annihilated the Bug
{ feuilleton }'sA (not mine) bleggalgaze
My favorite song of the excellent new Kim Gordon album and a potential theme song for me to number and then forget the number


Rebecca Seiferle

What did we suffer for? why did we flee
our houses as if we had been hostages at our own
tables? Even free, we were not free, we kept
breaking down in thrift stores, our eyes
tearing in bins of glasses taken from the faces
of the dead; disoriented and dizzy as crows
swarming the corpses of our own hearts,
in the aisles of the department stores
filled with the glitter of plenty, we kept
spilling coffee on ourselves. Why
are we forever afraid of bathtubs, of water
hitting us in the face like the invisible
stoning of an anonymous crowd, why does buying
makeup make us feel guilty, why do we
eat our food like thieves? Why do we
sneak our friends in the back door
and make our love climb up a tree? Why
do our lies nest within one another like
diminishing dolls? Why do we jump
when the smallest child pushes open a door?
Why are we afraid of the whistling of teapots?
Who’s coming in to read over our shoulders
our most secret thoughts, who’s clinging
to our roofs like a demon? Why is his cheerfulness
even more frightening than his anger? Why does my hope
burn like the scar of a burn on my breast? Why are you
an eye floating in a pool of dead water, blue; and unable
to breathe? Why do we keep asking why?
How do we know how to stop it if we don’t know
why it began? How can we unravel so much
violence followed by so much lie? How will we know
when it’s ever over? or believe
it will ever stop?

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