Monday, July 8, 2024

canary at the bottom of the cage I bury it

I will be 65 in seven weeks and all I want to do is hike with L (and tomorrow is one of two posts a year not tagged My Complicity) and spend the nice six months of Michigan together with our daughter and hike with L and disc golf with my brother while she paints in my six months in Maryland and I found Faulkner's *The Hamlet* on a table on fourth floor and I'm fifty pages in and there's no fucking way I'm finishing *The Hamlet* or the other two in Scopes Trilogy is there? I can't read novels like I did when I was thirty, my eyes, my memory, my damn all've ebbed. I remember the novels I read in my thirties better than most novels I've read in the past five years. Maybe that's always the case, but I'm not able to brain-tote the memory database required to read a novel not a Murnane or a Fosse or any other neurotic monologist who writes long beautiful intricate sentences to himself, and fuck yeah, that's me (minus the beautiful and intricate)

I've found my painting metier, which is a kind and generous word for One Trick Pony. Still, I find it more rewarding to paraphrase my daily encounters with the clusterfuck painting than writing though of course writing still compulsive. For instance, two nights ago in tablet I wrote (only in pencil now, in five years I've gone from fountain pens only to pencils only, I've spared, am sparing you now, copious speculations why): presented with a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to completely reset, restart, reinvigorate, reinvent itself, the Democratic Party, if it *was* an independent organization dedicated to achieving the goals of its sales pitch, would, but it isn't and it won't, written while the fourth coat of the above painting was drying. See? 

Canary, weathervane, Cassandra, fool: back in the banner. 

Above painting: Everything you worry about that you can't control in the world but affects you is far shittier, far worse, much further past its watershed than you know, sorry, documentation, as always, in the grid

Joe's dementia is the least shitty thing about the asshole
Israel commits 43rd massacre in Gaza's Nuseirat Camp since 7 October
Reminder: no one - no one - is more delirioulsy delighted at Biden's dementia plight and the media oxygen it sucks up than Bibi and the Zionists
"Haaretz has now confirmed what numerous independent and foreign media sources were saying for months and smeared as antisemitic liars by the Western press for doing so: Israel killed scores of its own citizens and soldiers on Oct. 7–not by accident but as direct military policy"
Haaretz is now Hamas propaganda?
The difference between Democrats and Republicans
“I was busy doing other things like wars around the world”
Yes, professional Democrats are delighted they can now blame Biden instead of themselves but rest assured, they will still blame you most, fucking hippie
Power for the sake of power
The Conspiracy of Silence to Protect Joe Biden
"Rob Reiner calls for Biden to get out of the race and the Dem Denial Brigade is attacking him. There is not anyone in the world who has been a bigger Biden sycophant than Rob Reiner. And even he can’t convince this delusional elder abuse cult to live in reality"
Trump is openly campaigning for Fuhrer and your candidate falls asleep after mid-afternoon apple sauce, you shitsmears
Which is why I find the lack of speculation on who she should chose for vpotus so freaking hinky
Escalation of commitment to a losing course of action
The Dred Scott of Our Time
The Sweeping Impact of the Supreme Court’s Chevron Reversal
We need a new political vocabulary
The Corporate Greed Behind Bird Flu
"The root problem is that neoliberalism has effectively eliminated the left wing of the political spectrum, meaning that the only apparent challenge to the system as it stands comes from the right. In other words, the political problem under neoliberalism is political, not narrowly economic"
From Tsenacommacah to Gaza: 400 Years of Colonial Occupation Forces, 1624-2024
The Neck and the SwordMaggie's
The Two Hands Of White EmpireLandscapes of Capital
How Kamala Harris Fought to Keep Nonviolent Prisoners Locked Up
Reproducing Life Through Capital
More than 300 Wisconsin officers back in law enforcement agencies after being fired or forced out
WordeathOn Agnes Martin and Grief
Me versus myself{ feuilleton }


Diane Seuss

If there’s pee on the seat it’s my pee,
battery’s dead I killed it, canary at the bottom
of the cage I bury it, like God tromping the sky
in his undershirt carrying his brass spittoon,
raging and sobbing in his Hush Puppy house
slippers with the backs broke down, no Mrs.
God to make him reasonable as he gets out
the straight razor to slice the hair off his face,
using the Black Sea as a mirror when everyone
knows the Black Sea is a terrible mirror,
like God is a terrible simile for me but like
God with his mirror, I use it.

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  1. 1/wonderful pictures - similar and also different

    2/Patrick Lawrence - in the essay linked here, "power for the sake of power" - asserts Biden is the worst president of his lifetime - i'm not sure i'd say the worst in my lifetime, but definitely in the top five - truman was president on the day i was born, back in the first half of the twentieth century

    3/musing about how things come and go, i was thinking of the tom rush song "no regrets" - and learned from Wikipedia that

    On March 12, 2023, Patrick Bryant of WMBR 88.1 FM Cambridge played many versions of "No Regrets" on his "Subject to Change" show. A permanent archive of this two hour show may be found at [link specified at Wikipedia article on the song]

    4/my canadian aunts would make strawberry rhubarb pie - probably such a pie, or the ingredients for it, could be obtained within a few miles from here

    5/the artwork for "the automatic earth" blog today illustrated a story of antiochus and erisistratus as painted in 1774 by jacques-louis david - his painting of the emperor napoleon is on display in the national gallery of art - I first saw it during the presidential term of eisenhower, truman's successor

    6/i wonder who biden's successor will be, and how soon

    7/today i came across a performance of john lennon's song "grow old along with me" with orchestra and chorus