Tuesday, April 23, 2024

"art is junk" the urinal says "dig a hole "& swim in it"

Our ruling elite love love love this genocide, see it as an opportunity of a lifetime to ruthlessly reimpose a kayfabe everyone knows is broken over a new paradigm of discipline based more than ever on your level of acceptance of your accelerating immiseration, enshittification, elimination

Rest of the monologue, as always, in grid. Four self-portraits, one painting, feel free to say no. The fuck am I doing digging a hole and swimming in it. Songs today off albums in the 50 Best Post-Rock Albums, link in grid

"The *campus antisemitism crisis* is a manufactured distraction created by the people responsible for filling mass graves and the media doing what it can to cover them up"
"This call to violence against U.S. students is endorsed by the gov't of Israel itself"
"let us pause for a moment and remind ourselves how insane it is that institutions that are nominally devoted to education have investment portfolios, and that these portfolios include investments in corporations that profit off of death, destruction, and human misery"
Do you know how Western powers weaponize language in war, conquest, and genocide?
I mean, you can imagine, but it's still worth reminding with evidence of just *how* amorally shitty our shitlords are
HERE COME THE FALSE FLAGSIsrael Is A Threat to Humanity
He WANTS to be hit in the face, he thinks it will solidify his brand and rockstar him, whoever DOES hit him in the face should be taken into custody as his accomplice, I guarantee he's gonna false flag himself
I'm telling you for the third time, this sh*t is BEGGING YOU TO HIT HIM IN THE FACE! When you don't hit him in the face to further his career/fame you are being antisemitic, you hamasnik
"You’re antisemitic if you can’t imagine a moral equivalence between Zionists' entitlement to feel good about their genocidal bigotry and Palestinians' interest in not being slaughtered"
"We're about 5 minutes away from Zionists saying Columbia students are raping beautiful angels in their vast network of tunnels beneath Manhattan"
This is what "academic leadership" actually looks like
"When college students protested segregation, the vietnam war, south african apartheid, or the war in Iraq, there was a horde of powerful individuals and interests who demanded they be arrested/silenced. worth examining if you want to be remembered in the same breath as those ppl"
I don't know if this is a real Ossadmay twitter account but have no doubt whether real or fake Ossadmay (and Ennessay and Angleylay and Omelandhay and without a fucking doubt Enwhypeedee photos everyone and what the tweet threatens will be used as advertised
"Facial recognition can determine whether you participated in the pro Hamas protests at the universities. Your jobs and your degrees will be worthless. Your hiring opportunities will be limited"
The Repression of Pro-Palestinian Education and Resistance
Literary Award Withdrawals, Mounting Criticism Prompt ‘Review’ at PEN America
Today in Rhetorical Questions: "Can liberals please admit that if Trump was president the vast majority of them complaining right now would absolutely be protesting the Gaza genocide, obv not saying I want Trump to win, but the only thing this talking point does is point out liberals’ grotesque hypocrisy
Putting Our Money Where Our Morals Are
China Miéville writes to DAAD
"This week, I learnt of your personal part in the unconscionable withdrawing of the Albertus Magnus Professorship from Professor Nancy Fraser, in your role as rector of the University of Cologne, due to her signing a letter – along with over 400 other philosophers – in solidarity with the Palestinian people in the context of Israel’s ongoing massacres. This in the same month that the Berlin Palestine Congress was ruthlessly and abruptly shut down, peaceful activists arrested and speakers banned. I cannot accept the DAAD’s invitation when I can have no faith that the institution will stand against such a shameful program of repression and anti-Palestinian racism. Indeed, you have personally shown your willingness to be part of it"
Grand theory of U.S. history as a series of devastating backlashes to progress
In the American South, an oligarchy of planters enriched itself through slavery. Pervasive underdevelopment is their legacy
The New Deal, Watergate, current events
Why you can't have free health care and we can't house the homeless
Shitlord media goes full throttle to save fellow shitlord
The one thing my wife, who taught public elementary school art for 38 years and is in the first year of retirement, tells me she misses most about teaching it's brainwashing kids to hate white people
The bipartisan attack on immigrants
Eagleton: Where does culture come from?
Papua New Guinea leader takes offense after Biden implies his uncle was eaten by cannibals
Avedon Carol's occasional links
Maggie's weeklyTwo years ago
What's important to know here is that Chicken Basket was once Mario's Pizza and it was the first non-newspaper boy job of my life fifty years ago (and is across the street from Gaithersburg Elementary School where I went to first grade sixty years ago)
Nicholson Baker's least favorite things!
{ feuilleton }'sSun Rising#1389
Listen to this and this and this
Alice Notley : Being Reflected Upon
On Joyelle McSweeney’s *Death Styles*
39 books: a new series, a bleggalgaze
Rest in Peace, Jerome Rothenberg
Four Jerome Rothenberg poems
Rest in Peace, Jerome Rothenberg
Five Jerome Rothenberg poems
The 50 Best Post-Rock Albums


Jerome Rothenberg
the zig zag mothers of the gods
of science       the lunatic fixed stars
& pharmacies
fathers who left the tents of anarchism
the arctic bones
strung out on saint germain
like tom toms
living light bulbs
“art is junk” the urinal
says “dig a hole
“& swim in it”
a message from the grim computer
“ye are hamburgers”


  1. some phrases from rothenberg's poem - "gods of science" and "fixed stars" - reminded me of tom murphy - astrophysicist, inventor and energy educator, retired from uc san diego at a relatively early age - his blog is


    He talks about his book Energy and Human Ambitions on a Finite Planet: Assessing and Adapting to Planetary Limits* for five minutes at


    and writes about his personal journey at



    *available for free download, although printed copies can be ordered

    so much analysis of the human predicament - what is happening, what might be done about it - is wildly unrealistic - for example, i recently encountered and was appalled by a new PBS series "A Brief History of the Future" - i think if one really understands how temporary - on a historical scale - the "sugar high" of the "carbon pulse" of fossil energy is - then one arrives at the conclusion of Rilke when gazing at the archaic torso of Apollo: You must change your life

  2. First: some of those paintings sort of scare me. What are you channeling? I feel safe, though, at this distance! I think. These things ain't no hobby doodles...


    RE: The Palestine Genocide: we've watched the equivalent of about a dozen of those play out, in the "middle east" and nearby places, since 2004 alone, though. Isn't that weird?


    ... I'm verging on the edge of incipient giddiness... over the hint of a promise that, sooner than later, almost NO one will fall for ANY of the preposterous bullshit our consensus "Reality" is built on. I used to ask "But why are 'we' in Iraq/ Afghanistan/ Somalia/ Yemen, etc, at all?" And nobody ever answered me! "Support or Troops? WHY?" They stopped talking to me. When the shoddy, poll-numbers-boosting "OSAMA, HE DAID" skit happened, I ended up yelling at an old friend on a busy Berlin street (near Rosenthalerplatz, if you must know), shocked as I was that he'd swallowed it like a Rube in a Goober hat at a tent show.

    Years later, this friend is a bit more... "cynical". A victory for Logic!

    I never (ever) guzzled the Capra juice. I knew, from an early age, that Uncle Sam wanted me dumb and then dead. When the Super Wealthy began to broadcast, all day, on all channels, c. 1971, that there were FAR TOO MANY POOR PEOPLE LIVING ON WHAT WAS ALWAYS INTENDED TO BE A PLANET OF THE WEALTHY... I took it seriously, as a direct threat. Who didn't? Aha: The Poor who don't know they're Poor! The same old system-supporters who believe that The Psychopathic Overlords discern that precious speck of * je ne sais quoi* (I always picture Shelley Winters, as Charlotte Haze, here) in *them* ... and want them around, after the riff raff are flushed! The system relies on that con. Is the con, perhaps, though, faltering somewhat? Is the illusion falling apart?

    Things I couldn't type in 2004, without getting blanked/ shut out/ ignored... are nearly mainstream, now. I spent most of my early years, on the outskirts of the Litblog Empire, being reviled or blanked by people who believed in the "One Bad Apple" or "Bug, Not A Feature," or the awfully emetic "Flawed but Basically Decent," theories of Murrkkan Hegemony. I claimed that the Mena-Clintons were just Daddy Bush's protégés. I claimed that Bush (et al) had been running The White House (under Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush) for decades and that Obama merely extended that trick. I argued that Trump was working for that very same dynasty (the dynasty, and its megaphones, pretending to revile him). I've expended a million comment thread words to point out various vintages of the obvious, to credulously incredulous people, for 20 years... and I've detected lots less fury in the pushback, of late.

    The genuinely Wealthy fear and abhor The Numerous Poor and have been working on technical solutions, for the problem of US, for over a century, in fact. Automation and Ai have rendered us, largely, a surplus of what Schwab minion, Yuval Harari, described, unabashedly, as USELESS EATERS. And the "pick me girls and boys," among those Useless Eaters, went out and made Harari's evil books into bestsellers, of course, as a talismanic, book-centered, night-table-altared, charm to affirm that THEY "are the opposite" Useless Eaters, of course, because the con still works on them.

    But not much longer.

    We will all stop falling for it very soon.

    Kanye West said a lot of stupid things but he said some brilliant things and it was the brilliant things which Twitter's Flying Monkeys attacked with the most sharp-toothed vehemence. Like that crack about Slavery being a choice. Ohhhh they *HATED* that one. Because it almost yanked the mask right off.

    Ie: on the grandest plantations of North America's chattel slavery 1.0, what do you suppose the ratio of iron-muscled Black men, to gutty, bowlegged, (pre-machine gun) Overseers, was?

    I mean, think about it.

    It's STILL just all in our heads: the Bullshit is stronger than the guns.

  3. 1/recently posted climate alarmist rhetoric:

    Eco-Collapse Hasn’t Happened Yet, But You Can See It Coming
    Degrowth Is the Only Sane Survival Plan


    2/professionally active scholars from a wide variety of academic fields who find this sort of alarmism credible might be interested in the

    Planetary Limits Academic Network


    2.1/although there is a membership process for full involvement in PLAN, anyone can be on the mailing list as a "subscriber" - currently at no charge - although you won't have access to the membership directory or profiles, or be able to post on the PLAN forum, you can hear about stuff to some extent:

    Subscribers will receive occasional updates about PLAN activities, available resources, and cool opportunities related to living within planetary limits.