Friday, April 19, 2024

we’re no longer compelled to devour our enemies’ brains, thanks to our butcher

Yesterday the President of Columbia University told congress she supports peaceful free speech then asked the NYPD to forcibly remove Columbia students peacefully protesting the American-Israeli genocide, ethnic cleansing, and land theft in Gaza (and then kicked said protesters out of Columbia) and the United States, which professes to support a two-state solution in Palestine vetoed a UN resolution calling on a two-state solution while Biden told Netanyahu go ahead and slaughter the Gazans trapped in Raffa, you have my blessing as long as you don't attack Iran to which Israel attacked Iran while a sitting US senator called for the legalized ramming and killing of anti-genocide protesters blocking major roads, and you and I are called the whackfucks, I call this "Thursday," my headshot today:

Zionists sadistically celebrate the genocide and ethnic cleansing for the genocide and ethnic cleansing (plus the land they will steal), western shitlords cheerfully celebrate the genocide and ethnic cleansing as a golden opportunity to criminalize and normalize crushing any and all dissent in the future but from the Left specifically in the present. Hinkiest war ever, gonna get a fuckton hinkier, more hinkiness in grid

From Apartheid to Genocide
"Carcerality was ALWAYS the next logical step for Zionist repression on campus. We spent years warning colleagues that shit was headed in a bad direction, but too many of them tut-tutted those warnings because they wanted to preserve their institutional privileges"
In Gaza's hospitalsProtesting the genocide is FAR WORSE than the genocide itself, says professional sh*tsmear
"Minouche Shafik was the vice president of the World Bank, the deputy managing director of the IMF, and the deputy governor of the Bank of England. When you put an economic hitman in charge of an elite academic institution, the end result is a pro-genocide university"
"You have to fuck up on a truly historic level to get the NYPD to say “even we think these were meaningless arrests.” They love meaningless arrests!
The Farce of Diplomatic Assurances
My congressman, professional motherfucking Democrat Jamie Raskin, the party's designated cracker-baiter, is a piece of shit
Israeli colonizers unleash a dog on Palestinian youth Osayd Taha while asleep, then arrest himFucking insane
When was the last time you saw the words *Saudi Arabia* as if it was a major player in this hinky war in any house organ of note?
The Persistence of Global Capitalism’s Long Depression
Is society caught up in a Death Spiral?
I fully expect that all of the money I've poured into retirement the past 45 years will be stolen by shitlords in the next five years
The Supreme Court effectively abolishes the right to mass protest in three US states
New York City libraries are closed on Sundays because of budget cuts
We need to rewild the internet
A sheriff, a felon and a conspiracy theorist walk into a hotel
Saturday attitudeFacts about opossums
William Vollmann has a 3400 page novel that no one will publish
"The problem is I’ve chosen words, which can’t seem to be about nothing"2024 April Eyesupdate
Anne Carson interview! Weird to me how little notice and noise her new collection *Wrong Norma* is getting, been through it twice, is as fabulous as you'd expect
Keith Haring’s Legacy Is Not Found at the Museum
Rest in Peace, Dickey BettsI dislike to despise most "southern rock" but I always loved the Allman Brothers



Thank goodness we were able to wipe the Neanderthals out, beastly things,
from our mountains, our tundra—that way we had all the meat we might need.

Thus the butcher can display under our very eyes his hands on the block,
and never refer to the rooms hidden behind where dissections are effected,

where flesh is reduced to its shivering atoms and remade for our delectation
as cubes, cylinders, barely material puddles of admixtured horror and blood.

Rembrandt knew of all this—isn’t his flayed beef carcass really a caveman?
It’s Christ also, of course, but much more a troglodyte such as we no longer are.

Vanished those species—begone!—those tribes, those peoples, those nations—
Myrmidon, Ottoman, Olmec, Huron, and Kush: gone, gone, and goodbye.


But back to the chamber of torture, to Rembrandt, who was telling us surely
that hoisted with such cables and hung from such hooks we too would reveal

within us intricate layerings of color and pain: alive the brush is with pain,
aglow with the cruelties of crimson, the cooled, oblivious ivory of our innards.

Fling out the hooves of your hands! Open your breast, pluck out like an Aztec
your heart howling its Cro-Magnon cries that compel to battles of riddance!

Our own planet at last, where purged of wilderness, homesickness, prowling,
we’re no longer compelled to devour our enemies’ brains, thanks to our butcher,

who inhabits this palace, this senate, this sentried, barbed-wire enclosure
where dare enter none but subservient breeze; bent, broken blossom; dry rain.


  1. 1/I enjoyed the young man displaying and talking about the opossum - and I noted that it was TikTok which brought that information to me - will the Chinese owners take what they can get from the American banksters, or just close it down, in response to the expropriation legislation just passed by Congress? Or maybe something else will happen?

    2/and speaking of something else happening, spouse and self have foregone a lot of consumption over our adult decades in the interest of accumulating notional "investments" - while they may be disappeared in the next five years, it is possible that it may take longer for the theft to be fully consummated - seeing an outcome down the road, but thinking it will arrive earlier than it actually does, has been called "prophetic foreshortening" by those critiquing the practice of the hermeneutics of eschatology - in the 20th century, Paul and Anne Ehrlich's The Population Bomb and the Meadows et al. report to the Club of Rome The Limits to Growth were regarded as erroneous when it is becoming more clear that they were just right too soon

    2.5/said to be an ancient Chinese story - a farmer had a horse; it ran away; it came back with another horse from the wild; the farmer's son broke his leg trying to tame the new horse; the emperor's army came to the village, drafting young men to fight until the war was won or the rest of their lives, whichever came first, but because he had a broken leg the farmer's son couldn't go off with his agemates; and more things happen, one after the other and sometimes seemingly simultaneously - who knows if it's good or bad?

    Is society caught up in a death spiral? Can it be reversed? We may know more later

    3/I was interested to learn that the president of Columbia University is a citizen of Egypt and the U.K. as well as the United States, and in fact is a member of the House of Lords with a life peerage and the title of Baroness

    I wonder if she regrets taking her current position - it requires her to deal more directly with noncompliant people - as has been noted over the centuries, the peasants are revolting

    1. It's clear enough that some will employ massive amounts of resources to allow nature to run its course in such fashion as not to forestall the continued growth of their personal wealth. I'm not sure that without their influence the masses wouldn't do the lemmings leap anyway. The peasants are so revolting. Got love 'em.