Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm told today is National Feral Cats Day. Serendipitously, I wrote about ours ten days ago in one of the last original posts at the old place. If you have a extra buck or two, please consider giving to an organization in your area that helps spay, neuter, protect, and help place abandoned and feral cats in homes. In the Maryland/DC area, if you'd like to donate, if you'd like a rescued kitten or adult cat as a pet, please contact Metro Ferals.

For those of you who haven't heard the story: a female feral that we had been feeding (but would not let us near her) had three kittens in our shed almost four years ago. All four are still there. Mom still won't let us near her (though she doesn't run if she knows we see her as long as we don't approach her), but the three kittens, one female (Gray Cat) and two males (Frankie and Napoleon) all talk to us.

Um, that's Gray Cat with a bluejay in her mouth. We thought the bird was dead. Planet tapped the door's window, Gray Cat was startled, and the bluejay flew out of her mouth. Heh! best laugh of the month.

Gray Cat likes to be pet but not held, Frankie is a clown who wants to be pet, brushes against our legs and purrs and is almost ready to overcome his skittishness, and then there's Napoleon:

Have I mentioned that Napoleon is a wonder cat? We daydream what his and Fleabus' kittens would have been like.


  1. I have cats periodically prowl through the yard. I often wonder if they are feral. There was one particular hunter who regularly left with baby rabbits in his mouth, but I haven't seen him in a while. The rabbits are a plague and the cats are always welcome.

  2. You should read some of the feral hate at that post at Jalloon Buice where I learned it was Feral Day. Motherfuckers.

    And a reminder to me: don't post comments, even helpful ones, at superblogs. Frist!