Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Empty Gurneys Along Corridors to Parking Garages

Holyfuck, how come not one of you told me about THIS? (and you better listen soon - it's only good for three more days):

One of five, stupid-ass desert island game. I love the early stuff, I love the late stuff.

I played a great 3CD compilation I found in London two years ago as we drove west on the Turnpike towards Oberlin and Kenyon this past summer on the last of Planet's college tours. How 'bout you don't play that again this trip please came from the backseat. Well, I hate Vampire Weekend, so nyah.



Deborah Digges

Ponds are spring-fed, lakes run off rivers. 
Here souls pass, not one deified, 
and sometimes this is terrible to know 
three floors below the street, where light drinks the world, 
siphoned like music through portals. 
How fed, that dark, the octaves framed faceless. 
A memory of water. 
The trees more beautiful not themselves. 
Souls who have passed here, tired, brightening. 
Dumpsters of linen, empty 
gurneys along corridors to parking garages. 
Who wonders, is it morning? 
Who washes these blankets? 
Can I not be the greeter of souls? 
What's to be done with the envelopes of hair? 
If the inlets are frozen, can I walk across? 
When I look down into myself to see a scattering of birds, 
do I put on the new garments? 
On which side of the river should I wait? 


  1. Vampire Weekend?

    Jesus, kids are weird.

  2. One of the DJs on WFMU last week went on a great five minute tirade against Vampire Weekend and that hideous motherfucking holiday song of theirs used in that motherfucking Honda ad that's on the radio all the motherfucking time. Says he's going to hunt them down and kill them. I'll donate to his defense fund.

  3. THAT'S Vampire Weekend? Holy fucking shit on a crumbling cracker, Death is too good for them! I'll donate to his weapons fund AND his defense fund, and I'll personally pay for Planet's weekend of deprogramming.

    Jeebus, who the fuck calls themselves Vampire Weekend and then writes/performs such a giant pussitude of suck AND sells it out to a foreign car company? What the fuck kind of country are we living in? This is why I'm off fighting and dying in the wilds of Sucking Fucktucky? So a band called Vampire Weekend can assault my sense with THAT horseshit come Giftmas? I call shenanigans. Shenanigans, I say!

    I'm talking to you, now, Planet: you kids today piss me off. Cut your damn hair, stop milling around your damn shopping malls and your damn tattoo parlors, get a damn job, and get the fuck off my lawn.

    And if that was your mother in the back seat...erm...sorry. To both of you.

  4. Remember trying to run down the import LP of Country Life so you could get the pic of the girls? Thanks for pointing to the RM history on the Beeb. I, too, really loved the early stuff. The later stuff, not so much—but some. How better to spend 2 hours today.

    Yeah, Editions has got to be desert islanded. Re-make, Virginia Plain, Street Life too.

    When I first to moved to NYC in 1985, I set up my stereo tuner with the old plastic T antenna one Sunday afternoon and picked up FMU's Bill Kelly reading from the World Weekly News on his Teenage Wasteland. It became my radio home; I played it late night's in my law office on a tiny transistor. I mean talk about weird music to accompany a long, lonely all-nighter. I even paeaned it in EULOGY—by allusion, not straight-up reference. But anybody who's ever listened to the station will get it. I'm a contributor from way back and have got the t-shirts to prove it!

    Thanks as always for the link!