Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little Tooth

Easier and harder than I thought it would be so far. Everything we've done to make her strong and independent seems to be working. It would be melodramatic to say we're sad she's not more fraught - and the real goodbye is later today - but a bittersweet price of making her strong and independent is that she's strong and independent.

Parent orientation at 930 this morning, then brunch, then convocation - and it's pouring as I type this in a hotel room in Zanesville, the closest decent hotel room I could book, forty miles from campus, and it's supposed to pour all day. We meet her advisor at four, then goodbye goodbye (not goodbye goodnight), then a seven hour drive home, eight to nine if it's raining.

Gotta go. Something here tomorrow, regular programming probably Tuesday. As for the post's title, google it and *Thomas Lux.*


  1. "Goodbye goodbye." That's melancholy making. Especially in the rain. Damned rain.

  2. Plenty of donner und blitzen with that rain, at least when it came through Columbus.