Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As a Kid I Believed in Democracy


John Berryman

As a kid I believed in democracy: I
'saw no alternative' - teaching at The Big Place I ah
put it in practice:
we'd time for one long novel: to a vote -
Gone with the Wind they voted: I crunched 'No'
and we sat down with War & Peace.

As a man I believed in democracy (nobody
ever learns anything): only one lazy day
my assistant, called James Dow,
& I were chatting, in a failure of meeting of minds,
and I said curious 'What are your real politics?'
'Oh, I'm a monarchist.'

Finishing his dissertation, in Political Science.
I resign. The universal contempt for Mr Nixon,
whom never I liked but who
alert & gutsy served us years under a dope,
since dynasty K swarmed in. Let's have a King
maybe, before a few mindless votes.


  1. Cat looks away as an agent of brutality kneels to stroke it.

    (My Caption)

  2. BDR, I've got a post up with a link to the same thing.


    P.S. Do I have you to thank for "Pastor Sanctimonious" (as well as the World's Second Shittiest Human)?

    I didn't end up working their dreck from the weekend in, but if/when I do I want to give full credit.

  3. ,i called you scat' a few days ago davidly in our talking ....because it goes nicely with the word cat ... .did you see the reply to your comment to cuneyt.. .from him i mean not mine .. .

  4. To survive a deadly hippie assault by the skin of his teeth, and still find the time to care? Impressive, most impressive.

  5. Yes, anne, I saw it, figured he was Kindly teasing.

    That photo.... seems to have kick-started something in me....

  6. ,of you mean ... ..of the cat looking away .. i mean of the perfection of the cat .. .i saw the c.s., here above today in my flut' through .. .i'll look at it ag. . i'm certain .. .

  7. are you ever going to reply about agnes martin and that other set of pgs that you have .. . ,she said as she came back to read more .. of a cat j. .. .