Sunday, October 9, 2011

Born Seventy-One Years Ago Today

Hagiography much? Sure, don't you? Re: this? Noer and yesser!


  1. We can more thoroughly discuss the fucking of your fucking calendar offline, but yes, and Al Davis, and one far less public reminder of mortality and imminence. Fuck your calendar. Fuck my calendar. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

  2. ,you didn't answer my last query .. in your last post .. ? /of the roxy link..i like men with long hair in heels in that way ..i see it as masculine in some way ..i tried to point this out to john herman and pen karl once trot my mention of palin (not michael) and bachm'nn ..of their made up ,not subtle to my eyes looks being like men in drag ..of the way they look to me .. ,anyways ..hello again ..someone new .. , i'll listen to john L. and think of george harrison.. ,

  3. When someone says Lennon, I usually think of Neil.