Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paternoccupy, or: Do You Wish to Forget the Manuscript or Do You Wish to Evict the Manuscript?

Indulge me, doesn't it seem a smidgeon convenient that the Penn State sex scandal, which we will eventually learn was known much longer and deeper ago by too many people for the story to have just busted public now, broke three days before a coordinated police assault on Occupy in which all efforts were made to limit press access because the police were giddy to bust heads at the slightest resistance, often offered by the cop as proxy for gratis to the bludgeonee?

No, I don't think Bloomberg and his Corporate cohorts coordinated smashing the plague-carrying fleas of Occupy with the deliberate sacrificing of a helmetball god (and his loyal to Corporate fiefdom) with the biggest, ugliest, most sure to rattle America's culture wars most sure-to-inflame fault lines, not that I don't think they would if they could in a blink to save a penny. I do think they leaped at the obvious cover the scandal gave them, they leaped at the chance that the morality play in the media was the anal rape in the shower of ten year old boys by a trusted helmetball coach rather than beating the fuck out of hippies challenging a system that rewards its top executives for performance by allowing them to anally rape ten year old boys with Corporate's full knowledge and consent until caught, on purpose or otherwise.


Marjorie Welish

This freedom up.
A house difficult of exit, diffident of exit.

This flame up.
The false house, house of faulty entries.

This facade up.
The manifold worries architecture.

This face up.
To the artiface's winding paths we lend our gloss.

This fact up!
This house multicursal and continuous.
Do you desire to disengage the frontispiece of devastating complexity?

The curving house is green.
Do you wish to disappear from an escaping sentence?

Do you wish to forget the manuscript or do you wish to evict the manuscript?
This froth up.
The house ancient of exit, of antecedent impressions.


  1. Agreed. The fit was too convenient for the (purported) DHS and Council of Lordly Mayors to ignore.

  2. That'll learn her to get in the way of flailing fists of righteous fury thinking of the children.

    Sonic reducers.

  3. The timing is reputed to be based on the release of the grand jury report which was too horrid to ignore.

  4. And on another topic, check out Amazon's "Lending Library" for Kindle. One book at a time, one book a month, keep it as long as you like. Free. Semi-decent list of recently published stuff. (I grabbed The Marriage Plot.)

  5. Yeah, I've seen it. If I ever break out of this reading slump I might use it and I'm going to buy Earthgirl a kindle for Giftmas - don't worry, she doesn't read this shitty blog - so she would use the lending-library. I downloaded the Eugenides for her and she loved the novel (she loved both *Virgin Suicides* and *Middlesex* too - me? no: finished both, liked neither).

  6. Wasn't there an indictment? Not by you, I mean. By Pa authorities. Yes, what Sasha says.

    re: timing. It was Roland Barthes and Marshall McLuhan (no?) who taught us to read the news contextually. The mistake—and you tippy-toe right on the edge—is imputing conspiratorial action to things that happen simultaneously. Cover? Mayhaps. Most such eventful things, though, I suspect, have their own integrity, their own internal necessity, their own timing mechanism, their own pressure points. That's not to say coordinated action does not occur. Our unlamented previous president was the master at making public pronouncements about how he supported, say, education, and arranging a PR photo-op and sound-bite in a schoolroom while, unpublicizedly, gutting the Dept of Ed or slashing student loans. That sort of thing is not serendipity. You, I think, are reaching here. But, hey, a man's reach should exceed...

  7. No, no, no - Richard Nixon deliberately got Sandusky hired at Penn State in 1969 and told him molest underage boys while working for a Conservative god/helmetball coach in case in 2011 motherfucking Obama needed cover to brutally assault a few hundred hippies protesting Corporate robber baroncy!

    All I'm saying is that Corporate had been war-gaming how and when best to punch the fucking hippies - they were hoping for an early bitter winter so that Occupy would disperse itself (and they could call Occupy pussies) - but hey, they really wanted to punch the fucking hippies, so why not last weekend when everyone (and by everyone, I mean the media) was distracted by the sensational and epic fall of a Conservative icon? Probably not the primary calculation, but I bet it was a calculation.

  8. Juan Cole has suggested, with some evidence (more than Wonkette), that the coordination has been taking place at the DHS and FBI level:

    It's not clear whether PATRIOT Act is involved.

  9. Re Kindle: Got the new touch (without commercials) yesterday. Love. It. Connected to my wifi without a blip. It's smaller and easier in my hand. The background color is a bit more grey, less beige, and easier on the eye. And lets me have serif or san-serif. Love.