Friday, December 30, 2011

And While Certainly They Are Laughing at Me, and All Around Me Is Racket of These Cats Not Making It, I Make It in My Wicker Basket

Sorry, forgot to put up a header photo last night. Out to dinner last night with Planet and he who it occurs to me I haven't written about much less considered a nom-de-blog but nonetheless seems to be a good guy who makes my daughter happy and Earthgirl and Ilse and Landru, came home stuffed, played with Stanley, read 1Q84 (holyfuck), didn't even log in and check my statcount, what the fuck's up with that, I'm a fucking attention slut, I'm always checking my statcounter just like you do. I'll try to remember to post a header tonight.

Still, it reminds me that for all I gently badger Planet for new Fleabus photos, they aren't forthcoming. That phase is over. Up above is Napoleon, the domesticated feral, shot taken by me. Consider this the year end bleggalgaze: unless otherwise noted, any and all pheline photos displayed hence (which will include Fleabus, but also Nap and Stanley and Rose and Sara and Frankie and Mom Cat and Gray Cat and probably never Jess), including this one below, a recent night header and popular among two of you, are taken by me, with the commensurate dip in quality.


Robert Creeley

Comes the time when it's later
and onto your table the headwaiter
puts the bill, and very soon after
rings out the sound of lively laughter--

Picking up change, hands like a walrus,
and a face like a barndoor's,
and a head without any apparent size,
nothing but two eyes--

So that's you, man,
or me. I make it as I can,
I pick up, I go
faster than they know--

Out the door, the street like a night,
any night, and no one in sight,
but then, well, there she is,
old friend Liz--

And she opens the door of her cadillac,
I step in back,
and we're gone.
She turns me on--

There are very huge stars, man, in the sky,
and from somewhere very far off someone hands
   me a slice of apple pie,
with a gob of white, white ice cream on top of it,
and I eat it--

Slowly. And while certainly
they are laughing at me, and all around me is racket
of these cats not making it, I make it

in my wicker basket.


  1. we saw YLT play a Storytellers type show in the Discovery World Hall, on Lake Michigan with 360 degree views of the lake and the city.

    Also, a very drunken (me) show in the basement of the Eagles club once. Georgia brought out her snare when the opening band broke theirs.

  2. No, I don't. I don't even remember how to check.

  3. "...a Left Ron Paul."

    What, exactly, would a Left Ron Paul be?

  4. Wasn't aiming at an exact ideologue analog, more at how if anyone actually appeared who challenged Team Democrats' paradigms Team Democrat would savage him/her in much the same manner as Team Republican is going after Paul.

    We'll see who challenges Vice President Clinton from the left for the 2016 nomination.... baddabing!

  5. Elizabeth Warren in 2016 -- Hillary won't run.

  6. I know someone (sorry, I have to be vague here, I can tell you off blog) who's connected to HRC and says that HRC really has decided she's out of public service after 2012, wants to enjoy her remaining years peaceably.

    I am curious why Reich floated that rumor yesterday: his trial balloon or a trial balloon at a third party's request.

    And supposing Obama does win, Biden isn't the heir apparent, yes? And of course, many of us have been saying Obama's job is to undermine progressive gains as only a Democrat could so a Republican can come in and destroy things in 2016.

  7. I've never thought of Reich as particularly close to Hillary. He wasn't even that close to Bill. He's much more left than either of them. So maybe (like you) he was articulating his fear. Besides, Biden is doing a terrific job. But I'm not convinced he'd run in 2016.

    Your cynicism about Obama is, as per your usual, misplaced imo. Your focus on the person and not the structure leads you in the wrong direction. Obama's 'job' like Clinton's before him is to maintain the illusion of moderation while digging in the actual corporatism that they both adhere to so lovingly.

    Example: Sure, he killed the war in Iraq but leaves a ton of contractors there and increases the purchase of drones and assorted tools. And, cleverly enough, puts all that stuff in the black program budget so folks can't gripe.

  8. Sasha doesn't know where her stats are, and I care enough to check about once a quarter, or when I get a really bizarre anonymous comment. I tell you this lovingly, but you could really use some Risperdol on this issue.