Thursday, January 5, 2012

As We Go Up, We Go Down

Irwin generously responded to my email to him:

Just doing my part to clean up the airwaves. Now to get to work on banishing those 1-877-KARS4KIDS spots. The T&C hour will not be my premium CD, as I feel it has too limited appeal, but I will definitely give away a few as prizes during the fundraising mayhem.

But wait, there's more, a second email appeared two hours later!

I've put away the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner. Ten minutes ago I heard the original spot on a local AM station. I have heard another, completely different SQ spot, but it's been circulating for at least six months and rarely airs in these parts.

I wrote him back and told him it'd be OK w/me if he keeps wearing the jet pilot flight suit. Speaking of old men defiantly not aging gracefully:

Hey! Did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team?

It's true! and here's the just released 2012 schedule:

March 10: vs. Sporting Kansas City

March 18: at Los Angeles Galaxy (Galavision)

March 24: at Vancouver Whitecaps

March 30: vs. FC Dallas (NBC Sports Network)

April 7: vs. Seattle Sounders

April 14: at New England Revolution

April 18: vs. Montreal Impact

April 22: vs. New York Red Bulls (ESPN2)

April 28: vs. Houston Dynamo

May 2: at San Jose Earthquakes

May 5: vs. Toronto FC

May 12: at Houston Dynamo (NBC Sports Network)

May 16: vs. Colorado Rapids

May 19: vs. Toronto FC

May 26: vs. New England Revolution

June 16: at Philadelphia Union (Galavision)

June 24: at New York Red Bulls (NBC Sports Network)

June 30: vs. Montreal Impact

July 15: at Houston Dynamo (Galavision)

July 21: at Columbus Crew

Aug. 4: vs. Columbus Crew

Aug. 11: at Sporting Kansas City

Aug. 19: vs. Philadelphia Union (NBC Sports Network)

Aug. 22: vs. Chicago Fire

Aug. 25: at Montreal Impact

Aug. 29: vs. New York Red Bulls (Galavision)

Sept. 1: at Real Salt Lake

Sept. 15: vs. New England Revolution

Sept. 20: at Philadelphia Union (ESPN2)

Sept. 23: vs. Chivas USA (Galavision)

Sept. 29: at Portland Timbers

Oct. 6: at Toronto FC

Oct. 20: vs. Columbus Crew

Oct. 27: at Chicago Fire (NBC Sports Network)

Sure hope they have enough players. Quietest, oddest, off-season I can remember, getting rid of salary, no new players, not negotiating a new contract with reigning league MVP after announcing that United would, it's almost as if the owner doesn't want to spend any money because 2012 will be the last season in...... 


  1. They're focused on the draft, and on whatever shitty broken-down elderly center back that tool Goffinho was writing about the other day. Rash of shitty free agents the week after that.

    I choose not to engage your paranoia because, if I managed to limit your angst over Timonium United, I'd just leave more room for some other angst. Better the angst I know, y'know.

    For my part, I hope to be only mildly engaged until the June game against the Chester Funyuns. But we both know the likelihood of that ain't great.

  2. I know. And Goff and Galarcep have been yapping the player *really* United wants (Enzo Something, out of UNC) just signed a Generation Whatever contract.

    Still, I wouldn't blame Chang for cutting his loses especially if they can't work out a better deal at RFK with the District. And the Baal-taunting has worked so far.

  3. I didn't see Manchester City on the schedule. WTF?

  4. Landru, I believe it is called Latent Angst and you have kindly been monitoring bdr's for decades now.