Sunday, February 26, 2012

Doesn't This Remind You of Those Things We've Done Before?

That pink putter in the basket is my bird on hole three at Seneca, though the four on 13C and three on 21B and 24C were sweet but the three on 26D was gold. Played back 9 then middle then front. Back: 3-4-3-5-3-3-4-3-4. Middle: 3-4-4-4-6-3-3-4-3 (but wasn't in the water - didn't go in all day, Dr Z twice). Front - skipped first, newby group of six-4-2-3-5-4-3-4-3. I've never putted better. I haven't played in two months. Holyfuck, beautiful day.

That's Stanley shot this morning from inside the stairwell to our basement looking out underneath the door to hallway. I need note that while I don't watch many movies - it's not a principled thing, I like them when I do, I just don't, I think to do other stuff - I recognize, as someone who organizes his music and poetry and fiction and everything into Desert Island lists, why the Oscars - and Emmys and Tonys and - are so popular, that popularity, like everything else, reminds me of my training. I've been warned to stay away from twooter the next four hours to avoid people who often complain about the taxonomies and methodologies of our ruling hierarchies competing to be the wittiest, wisest, and archest - what do you think of my entry submitted here? - twootergod of a popularity contest that celebrates the taxonomies and methodologies of our ruling hierarchies. I don't know movies to play this one, that's why I'm sitting this particular tournament out. Let's play Best Furs Song Ever!