Friday, February 10, 2012

Know Amazedly How Often One Takes His Madness into His Own Hands and Keeps It

I wish I could enjoy it more, I said at Thursday Night Pints, POTUS 12 is so fucking absurd already, this is comedy gold, has there ever been a moment in electoral history when every tool and gear and fool and fear has been so kayfabe? Huh, said D. Kayfabe, said L, he wrote a paper for me in a Kid's Lit class twenty years ago on professional wrestling: kayfabe, showing the marks the mechanisms by which they're being rubed. True, I said, and I've turned heel, unintentionally, I make a shitty heel cause I need to be face. You come off meaner than you mean to, said K. That's not it, said D, he comes off less mean than he means to be and that pisses people off. No, said L, he comes off as mean as he means to be but writes it in a way that doesn't mean to be as mean because he wants to be liked regardless. I'm sitting right here, I said. You are a shitty heel, said L, you don't embrace the role. I claim, I said, it's in the cause of kayfabe, then I got up and bought a round.


Lorine Niedecker

Feign a great calm;
all gay transport soon ends.
Chant: who knows—
flight's end or flight's beginning
for the resting gull?

Heart, be still.
Say there is money but it rusted;
say the time of moon is not right for escape.
It's the color in the lower sky 
too broadly suffused,
or the wind in my tie.

Know amazedly how
often one takes his madness
into his own hands
and keeps it.


  1. Come visit anyway, Sailor!

    Hey, we're discussing a summer trip to Montreal and Quebec City, the interstate we'd use goes by your hopefully thawed out by then tundra.

  2. thx ... also

    I hadn't seen the No Smoking since I smoked. It's funnier now.

  3. What do you mean? You should talk less POTUS and more why Madrid can eff off.

    Oh please let that The Western Hemisphere Is The Greatest Hemisphere tournament become a reality.

  4. Talk about why Madrid can fuck itself? Talk about reiterating a duh.

    Nothing would benefit USMNT more, from development of players to development of a soccer base in the US than merging CONCACAF and CONMEBOL.

  5. Help!

    My head is spinning. Heel, face, heel, face. Reality, appearance, reality, appearance. Want to be, don't want to be, want to be, don't want to be. Is there another axis? Whew! I hope not.

    You give new meaning to the term 'shit heel'.

    I'm down w/ an all Americas Copa. But first, you'll have to teach me whom I supposed to hate besides Mexico & Costa Rica. And why? Brazil? showboats. Argentina? divers. Chile? thugs. And which teams that we'll have to play will the refs invariably aid? And why will the draw be so obviously stacked against our how-could-it-be-this-shitty USMNT? Help!

    Big soccer fan, here!

  6. Oh, and much thanks for the linkage!