Thursday, April 19, 2012

United 1, Montreal 1

Well, I asked for Boskovic and got Boskovic, I asked for DeRossario at withdrawn forward and got DeRossario at withdrawn forward, and while I didn't ask for United to come out in the first half fat and lazy, which certainly contributed to the shittiest half of soccer I've ever seen since the last and until the next, it's almost time to conclude that Boskovic is just a poor fit for the offense that United wants to run. I'd still like to see more than 58 minutes of him, let him find a rhythm, get more fit, but with two horribly lost points and crucial games this coming Sunday versus Metros and the following Saturday against Houston ahead of a three game road trip, second half substitute is the most Boskovic will see the field. Oh, the other Designated Player, the Albanian Allsopp? Utter an expletive under your breath towards Kasper Payne. And then think of a back line winged by Chris Korb and Daniel Woolard and utter another.

Here's Fullback, here's Goff, here's Shatzer. I've written more but it's unreasonably angry because I've unreasonable expectations for this team which includes, but is not limited to, beating a crappy expansion team at home even when resting two starters from the previous victory and fielding a bandaged backline. As for fat and lazy, even if to be fairer I concede the new line-up could be expected to be start-and-stoppy at first, five more months of halftime tirades by Ben Olsen is going to get old in that locker room fast.

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  1. Never misunderestimate the awesome power of MLS' everybody-gets-a-medal tournament.