Thursday, May 3, 2012

Each Having Seized What Seemed to Be Its Only Chance

Earthgirl emails this morning; someone at her school mentioned that Bryan Ferry will be playing two shows in Reykjavik the end of this month, Monday and Tuesday the 28th and 29th. Can we go? Let me investigate for fun, I write back. Round-trip for two on IcelandAir for two = $2668, not including taxes and fees. Three nights in decent hotel for two = $450. Tickets for one show for two = $112 (or 6990 krona each), so before calculating food, incidentals, other fun we'd schedule, including renting a car to go explore, that starting figure is $3288. I figure $4K is a minimum estimate. So no, we're not going. Also too, have three songs that have nothing to do with Bryan Ferry plus another new Hejinian poem, plus no links (except for this to an Alejandro Escovedo interview via Hamster): it's true I was up late last night and busy today, but it's more true I'm giving my aargh the day off.


Lyn Hejinian

The dog joined in and tore off the man's face while the man,
his arms clasping it, broke every bone in the dog's body, and there the
pair of them lay, near death, each having seized what seemed to be its
only chance.


  1. Glad to see you realized that the DNC needs your $4000 more than some frivolity.

  2. Hehfuck, if I had all the money back I've given motherfucking Democrats over the past thirty years (not including all the hours of unpaid labor) I could take this trip. Jeebus, whatadopeIwas.

  3. That pome reminds me of Kirk/Spock gayporn fanfic.

    Iceland is broke. It isn't cheap any more. Just another overpriced sex tourism spot.

  4. Pon Farr better than Jamie Farr, though Pon Farr never on Gong Show.

  5. Yes, a rutting Spock! Hey, who else makes silly Star Trek allusions.

    I thought it was cheaper to fly to Iceland. We'd looked into it several years back—work-related sort of thing. What you could do is get a cheap seat to London or Oslo and pull a tandem D.B. Cooper over Reykjavhatever.